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RE: Do People with Autoimmune Disease Have Special Issues When Getting a Vaccine?

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Thanks for this helpful information. I have not yet gotten the vaccine because I have not received satisfactory info about if it will cause an MS exacerbation.


Thank you for visiting and commenting, @melinda010100. Your concern is really valid, I think. I wouldn't have gotten the vaccine yet if it weren't for my husband. He's kind of a prisoner if I am not vaccinated. That doesn't seem fair. We're pretty old and he's lucky to have a nice group of friends he plays poker with (though he hasn't for the last year). He wouldn't socialize with his friends if I wasn't vaccinated. The things we do for love :))

I hope as time goes by there is more information about the potential exacerbation of disease with the vaccine. Meanwhile, I hope you stay well.

My kids and grandkids are being vaccinated so that they can come visit me. In the meantime staying isolated remains my best option. I'm glad the weather here in Wisconsin is warming up so that I can meet up with friends and neighbors outdoors on my deck!

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