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We all have heard about bone marrow transplantation at some point in our life but we have no idea how difficult is the life for one who actually need this transplant. I have decided to share information regarding how this process is performed and what sorts of patient needs this transplant. I have tried my best to keep this blog in simple words so that even a layman can understand.
Bone marrow is a soft tissue which is present in most of our long bones. It is of two types; Red marrow and yellow marrow. Red marrow is composed of blood stem cells (STEM CELLS are unique types of cells in our body which has the ability to transform into any specialized types of cells depending upon the environment in which they are grown, if they are grown on hard rigid surfaces they will become bone cells and so on, at the same time they renew themselves as well). Blood stem cells are transformed into red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Whereas yellow marrow is transformed into bone, fat and cartilage and they provide the right environment that blood needs to function properly.

Now the question arises is when someone need bone marrow transplantation.. There are a lot of diseases and condition in which one needs a BMT. Like, sometimes chemotherapy or radiation therapy done to cure cancer can destroy person’s stem cells. The disorders of red blood cells includes Thalassemia, Aplastic anemia and many others. Similarly, we have white blood cells disorders which include Leucopenia ( decreased production of WBCs) and Leukocytosis (increased production of WBCS), they have further many types and depending upon the malignancy BMT is performed, luckily some of the types can be treated without transfusion therapy.

This procedure has two type: AUTOLOGOUS; in which persons own healthy stem cells are collected from the blood or bone (from hip bone) and then given back to patient after treatment.
ALLOGENEIC: in which donors stem cells are given to patient after treatment.
Stem cells are separated by the use of Apheresis machine, which is a very simple procedure.

Now I will explain a bit of detail about the procedure. The healthy stem cells are collected first from either patients own body or from donor. Then, by the use of chemotherapy, cancerous cells are eradicated from the body. After the complete treatment healthy bone marrow is transfused to the patient but before transfusion immunosuppressants are given so that patient’s immune system won’t fight against the donor’s immune system if it is an Allogeneic procedure.


Doubtlessly this is a life saving procedure but still it comes with major risks. In case of Allogeneic procedure, there is a risk of Graft Versus Host Disease, this condition occur when donors stem cells which make up your new immune system sees your body tissues and organs as foreign and eventually attack them which can lead to organ damage, development of new cancer, infections and eventually death.

I just gave the overview of the topic, I didn’t explain in detail but if you have any questions in your mind after reading ask them out, I would love to answer you people.


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Not in all cases, a bone marrow transplant is successful, it's risky although. Long bones 🤔 legs, vertebrae etc?
And who can donate the bone marrow? Is there is any genetic similarity needed? Although it's still beneficial a short preview regarding medical terms would make It more clear. The last question😁 Does a bone marrow transplant is only needed in case of elimination of cancerous cells?

YES!! its risky as I mentioned there is a major risk of Graft versus Host Disease(GVHD) which is a life threatening condition and I have given a hint what is GVHD.
In newborns, bone marrow is present in all the bones but as soon as we reach our adulthood it is restricted to our long bones and flat bones; bones of legs, arms, feet, vertebrae, sternum, hip bone and few others.
For BMT, donor and recipient are matched by their Human leukocyte antigen(HLA) otherwise severe antigen antibody reaction can occur. There is likely a chance that a family member can donate marrow for you but its rare to get a match donor outside of family.
BMT transplant is needed for many other disorders apart from cancerous cases as I mentioned above like Thalassemia, Immune deficiency disorder and yeah the purpose of bone marrow transplant is to give patient new blood cells and immune system, cancerous cells are killed with the help of chemotherapy and radiation.
Thanks for sharing your views☺️, I tried not to use any professional term and wherever I have used it I have given little explanation about it.

This is what I was expecting 😁 although I have invested al my efforts in reading this still, I wanted some additional knowledge from your side (might be adding chunks of my little knowledge in your evaluated work hehe)
The first time, I heard about bone marrow transplants was in an Indian drama might be I was in 6th class. I got a little knowledge that genetics is involved in it. Later more aspects were unlocked regarding this advanced stem cell therapy procedure.
Nice to see all this. 🤞🌺

Thanks for the addition of information, although I don't know what you actually added😁
But thanks again for reading and pointing out some important points🙌😊

Lol, I added the genetics point Nah 🥺🥴😂 people who are more interested in medicine will do give attention to such information posts but the one who is already running from 🧬 would only create fun Nah 😁
Keep growing 🐣

Ok oky😀😊🙌

I have been hearing about bone marrow but honestly speaking, I never believed it exist among humans. I only thought it was among animals. Does bone marrows deficiency in human, can it lead to the death of the human

Bone marrow is important for human survival and its hard to believe that you took it as a myth and yes defective bone marrow which is not producing enough healthy cells can definitely leads to death.

That is awesome thank you for sharing that, I knew of some reasons why people may need a BMT but never this indept please keep up the awesome work!

Thank you man!!! 😊

The risks are scary but the benefits of the procedure are totally worth it.