Blockchain collective contribution to improving scientific research

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Science is believed to be the original fountain that propels man to seek in-depth knowledge through research on how a billion years of decomposed bio bodies gradually evolved into what happens to be life today, anything could be a proof of scientific research today, the idea of cryptography that breath blockchain technology has been experimented decades ago before we had the buzz of blockchain which are integral of cryptography that secure blockchain using encrypted keys, as man curiosity increases they are coarse to find a less complex way of resolving his problem through rigorous research these also require a vast storage facility where he can store all vital information without losing them blockchain plays a key role in enhancing scientific research by securing the information on its decentralized block which are tamper-proof.

As some may have it blockchain isn't just restricted to the finance sector it finds use in various departments ranging from education, health care, and manufacturing sectors to mention a few here I will explore blockchain's contribution to research and development.



FoldingCoin project

FAH uses idle computer power to help simulate how proteins fold in the human body. This research is then used to help researchers find cures for diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer's.

This project was initiated and managed by Stanford University to help researchers speed up their research operation, users who contribute their unused computing power from their computers to help boost research operations get rewarded, the idea is to simplify complex research activities using a decentralized distributed network and cut the cost of using an expensive supercomputer that cost millions of dollars during research these unused computer power are ideally contributing to boost research operation by reducing cost and increasing speed to run the simulation.

This power is run/converted into some complex protein experiments which are been analyzed by a group of experts, data collected from this experiment helps researchers discover cures through drugs and medicines.

This protocol is powered by blockchain technology allowing users to help researchers by contributing computing power to help improve research simulation.

Astroblocks Project

Introduced by a professor and an astronomer used the application of blockchain technology to form a laboratory notebook application for researchers to make observations and review their work in one application which can be accessed by other community members/teams for review.

blockchain in health care

The use of blockchain in scientific research such as in clinical centers can not be overlooked it has helped improve security and restore users' transparency in terms of information and data distribution among medical personnel with the help of blockchain information stored can not be altered, patients records can be safely stored without been exposed to third parties.


Blockchain is still undergoing its early stage and its application use in our lives is yet to be fully applied in various sectors, with much advancement its primary use will be widespread in various organizations, and overall its security measures for keeping researched databases will be one of the major contributions of blockchain technology in different fields, it uses in scientific research are still on its early stage we have seen its played out role in some scientific field by using decentralized distributed computing energy to improve on research simulation reducing cost of sophisticated supercomputers usage that cost million of dollars.


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