Research diaries #5: Installing some hardware

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If it sits it fits. A couple of experiments are data heavy so I got another SSD for data storage. I didn't have a tray to fix my SSD so I ended up being "creative". Well it is in a pretty solid state hehe. Might add another elastic to keep it better in position. I am not expecting an earthquake so I am taking an engineering stance on this :3

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Installation of a secondary SSD is pretty straightforward plugin your power and your cable to the motherboard. Then go to disk management and select GPT (GUID Partition Table) (yes I am using windows at home, hate me). Select New Simple Volume and turn it into an NTFS file system. I am too impatient to create a tutorial with screenshots, but here is one :3

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I am pretty happy with my home set-up. The casing was about 20 dollars which is a pretty nice deal. It is an open case so there is no case fan. I guess they saved some money on that. I still hate my CPU led light. But fortunately, it is not facing towards me. Somehow the laser pointer like light doesn't attract my cat.

China has a quite large second-hand market although I would recommend going to checkout the product instead of buying online if you opt for second-hand stuff. You can get access to extremely cheap GPUs over here. These generally come from the crypto-mines. The drawback is that they are very dirty and come with a mining VBIOS so you would need to find the right VBIOS if you want to use it in a conventional way.

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You might be wondering what the weird black box is. Is it some special hardware? No, originally, it was the box that my hand grinder came in but now it serves as cat protection. Pre-box-life my cat tried to jump behind my PC, to make friends with my fan. Probably because it has wings like a bird. I don't know. It is cat-logic.

Cat tax
I am pretty sure my cat has a crush on Daniel Craig
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Sorry for the poorly focused shots :/


Hehehe... A cat-proof computer? :D

I would conjecture that nothing is fully cat proof :3

I have kids but no cat. Do they count as testers for the conjecture?

Perphaps we can use an orthonormal kid basis to approximate a cat :3

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That only works for a point-like spherical cat. :D

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I am pretty sure my cat has a crush on Daniel Craig

Looks like it might be mutual :))

Who doesn't have a crush on my cat :3