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RE: Do People with Autoimmune Disease Have Special Issues When Getting a Vaccine?

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I almost want to stand up and applaud this piece! As someone with an autoimmune condition as well ( I've got Hashimotos) and as someone who already got COVID-19, I'm wondering if the vaccine does indeed make sense for me? There's no helpful literature on the subject and as per usual, it's through the various Thyroid Disorder Support Groups that I'm a part of, that I get my information. This post motivates me to delve a little deeper into existing stats and research what the vaccine means for someone with Hashimotos. Easily the most informative and helpful article I've read on here today. Good luck for the second shot of the vaccine!


Please do your reading. I'm so sorry you had COVID! There's a lot of information out there, just not definitive. Nobody knows yet because it takes a long time to determine long-term and wide population effects. So, we make the best decision we can and cross our fingers. (Like everything else in life😄)

Haha, my COVID story is almost funny now. I tested positive on the morning of my birthday, a Monday, when I had taken off work to have a relaxing day at home. That said, I've also secretly not worried about getting the vaccine anymore haha. For the short term, atleast! I know that it takes a long time to analyse data and reactions. But as someone with antibodies ( to one strain), I wonder how effective the vaccine is for people who've got COVID. Or is it better first to vaccinate people who haven't gotten it? I'll try compile the existing dialogue around these topics into one post!