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RE: Whaling and Sealing in South Georgia: The Aftermath

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I have always thought that with power and intelligence the human being can be like a "God" for the animals, he is the only being that could take care of them all but he is more like death than a savior.

I believe that ALL animals would become docile if a human feeds and cares for them, over time they would get used to human presence and stop being aggressive, humans could really live with them but most people are unconscious and it seems that they are not they had feelings


Our cruelty is astonishing, isn't it? I don't know if all animals would be docile, but I do know we do not need to be so cruel. I guess it starts with each of us. We make a decision to behave differently.

Thank you for reading and commenting, @malos10. Hope you have a great Tuesday🌿