Jason Lanier, you were thinking about HIVE!

in StemSocial2 years ago

Today I saved some time to watch Jason Lanier, on Lex Friedman's podcast.

I'm a big fan of Jason Lanier's ideas and research on social networks. Even though I don't fully agree with all his arguments on several subjects, I think at least we are pretty aligned concerning social media harm.

I decided to write about this podcast, because Lex and Jason filled a good time of the conversation, discussing alternatives to the current social networks, and what should be the preferible environment.

Jason says, that these platforms should create incentives to promote better content and to gather people to be active in a good way. As an example, he refers to Github.

However, Jason misses other good examples, like Medium, or crypto social platforms such as HIVE.


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HIVE, could be the perfect example for the discussion, and I would love to see Jason's arguments on that. Lex, still tried to bring blockchain as a tool for more decentralized social networks, but since he did not gave an example, Jason rapidly brought up the harms of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

In the podcast Jason says it is quite difficult to reach him, because he doesn't have social networks, so people usually try to reach him by email.

A quest to everyone reading this post, shall we spam Jason's email with HIVE's whitepaper?! 😂


I guess we should not spam his mailbox with white paper on hive but we should try to tell him the benefits of using it and how hive incentivizes the good content. hive is the classic example of decentralized content