Does Jacque Fresco dreamed of Blockchain?

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Jacque Fresco dreamed of a future, that for some is seen as an Utopy, for others as a Distopy.

Jaque Fresco

The concept of having a future without money, runned by technology but at the same time eco-friendly and sustainable, seems challenging to me. Not only because of the capitalist side associated with technology, but also because we would need to manage resources in a away, that we are light years from accomplish. Beside that, there is a big awareness upgrade that we should all reach, in order to put in place his ideas. Sometimes it seems that he dreamed of a future quite unified, where a high tech aristocracy prevails... I keep on wondering, if I would be a better Jacque Fresco follower, if Blockchain was in the core of his ideas.

Fresco designed villages, where technology takes the charge of jobs and work, that most people don't want to execute. This way, human beings would have more time for creative working, agriculture and leisure. It seems fair, but not optimal. First people react very differently when they don't have a job. Second who will be the one implementing the technology? I assume humans (developers/engineers in the backstage)? If not, what about DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)?

DAOs, could be a way to fix some of Jacque's contradictions. Because they would encourage people to have a vote on technology upgrades around them. Just like ongoing DeFi (Decentralized Finance) projects like Uniswap or Maker.

Also the transparency, and the fact that most of Blockchain applications are open source, would encourage people to use their huge ammount of time, to learn about the technology around them. The key of a Blockchain based future, is to help people to gain awareness, and responsibility. People in Jacque Fresco's world shouldn't be controlled by technology, but having the control over it! The same with the world we live in...

For the ones who want to know more about Jacque:


Great information, now I want to know more about him and his projects 🤓