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RE: Learning Elixir a Functional Language

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Im thinking about starting to learn a functional language - so far I only have been programming in imperative, objective or science languages.
What do You recommend? Elixir, Scala, Haskell or OCaml? I like math.


If you REALLY like math then probably OCaml or Haskell. You could even pursue functional programming in Python which would give you access to the load of libraries that it has for data science, math, and machine learning. What language(s) do you know now?

I chose Elixir because I'm more into the web side of things. The distributed computing side of it is interesting. It's built on top of Erlang, so it shares its similar abstractions for building fault-tolerant and distributed applications and its concurrency features. And when you think of distributed applications, that doesnt have to mean multiple machines. It's even on a single machine level as we have multi-processor machines. You can squeeze more out of 1 server.

Interesting read on Elixir:

Thanks for answer. I'm not into web things so I will not choose Elixir.

Currently I'm learning Python and Rust and I like both of them. I've just read that Scala is based on virtual machine of Java and I hate Java, so as You said I will choose probably Haskeel or OCaml.
Probably OCaml because I'm such person that don't like to choose 'the most common' things in life, and Haskell is more popular than OCaml.