How To Befriend GPT-3

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Most blog content on the web sucks.


If last year you have been following the technology trend, you must remember about GPT-3 and what it can do. But if you don't, here's a tiny bit of what GPT-3 can do and things around it.

There's a lot articles on mentioning why GPT-3 can be the death of writers, translators, and basically any jobs circulated around human-language. But, instead of focusing on the doom and gloom, I think there's a way content writers can embrace this technology.


For those of you who don't know GPT-3, in layman terms GPT-3 is an artificial intelligence than can produce human like text. It rolled out last year on May 2020 and is developed by OpenAI. Before GPT-3 exist there was already GPT-2 in which you can test out the text generator here.

You can try to insert some words and it can predict the next word and will make a paragraph based on it. Interestingly, though the paragraph is incoherent, with a little touch, you can make these paragraphs into more human-like text.

I got a very interesting result after inserting writer obsolete in 2022.


When I copy pasted that into google, I did not find an article based on that. So, that article itself can be used to generate a fake news. Another attempt I tried is by using generic and light topic such as food.


This illustration below is when I tried typing food, coffee, and a cafe this what shows up. This article seemed like it's about how to make gravity coddle's egg dish. As you can see below, there's some incoherent sentences but they are certainly easy to fix and then voila, you will have an article written by GPT-2 without much effort.



And that is only GPT-2 model....


Supposedly, the GPT-3 model is more advanced than it's predecessor. From several reviews, even on SemRush said that that it already passed the turing test and write human-like content that is more believable than its predecessor.

As of today, there are some companies who are already using the technology for many content generating purposes. One of the company that is already utilizing GPT-3 is usetopic. It will help you generate a simple draft and some sentences for your company marketing content, blogs, or journalism.


Currently, you can purchase usetopic for 100$/month. So, if you have the budget to play around with usetopic, you might want to try that. I would love to know if any of you have tried GPT-3 and especially that product.

If you want to explore more about GPT-3 application, you can check out the list from this github.

From that list you will notice that GPT-3 can even create recipes and creative writings. This implicates that writers job can be replaced. However, with a simple basic research on its cons about GPT-3 you can find plenty information about its shortcoming. According to an article published by analyticsdiamag titled GPT-3 Is Great. But Not Without Shortcomings , it creates a racially bias text. Hence why, perhaps writers job will still exist but their job will be editing these texts and making it more socially acceptable based on a certain culture.

The tools I mentioned above may help your journey with content creation. However, based on 2021 content marketing prediction, many said that candid content, people-focused, and human engagement will be the key to 2021 content marketing trend. So yes, don't worry too much about GPT-3 .

Let me know in the comment section if you have explored this domain and your thoughts or experience with it.
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100 USD a month does not sound like much, especially if you are an affilliate marketer of sorts who needs lots of content to get their site at the top for certain SEO words.

Thank you for this article, I am sure there is lots of information out there about this, but I had not "bumped " into it. This was a good introduction to the tech for me.

Yes, it's not much for affiliate marketers and even companies. So, I think the problem lies with regular writer who doesn't have access to this data information. But again, since 100$ is quite reasonable, I think anyone writing for profit purpose won't mind investing in any of GPT-3 products.

There are many articles and products about it. If you are interested, you can check OpenAI page and in the project sections, there are some projects being developed too.

That should also give you plenty examples and products since some of them are still in beta phase.

One of the things that make certain writers popular is their unique creative styles. AI will likely be able to compete in producing certain kinds of content, but it won't be able to replace that creative style that is uniquely human. I guess the best weapon we have against AI tyranny is to be unique.

One can argue that AI can develop its own quirky personality.

Yes, I agree. AIs will likely have unique personalities as well, but they won't necessarily replace humans. Take an artist like Leonardo da Vinci. There are many other great artists out there, but there is only one Leonardo, who is irreplaceable by virtue of being unique.

I think creativity will help writers sustain their job. AI can develop their own human-like personality but I suppose human experience and ideas are also something uniquely human. For instance, there's already robot influencers, there's still plenty of human influencer at this stage. Who knows what can happen in the future? but again, as you mentioned in the comment below, there's only one Leonardo Da Vinci and despite many great artists, he is still himself and irreplaceable.

It's going to be a fascinating future! Great article @macchiata.