Element, a free open source, and secure messenger alternative to WhatsApp

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Amidst the new privacy policy rolled out by Whatsapp, people are looking for another alternative. Users are prompting to migrate to signal and telegram. However, Element seems to be less talked about in the media.


Source Element

Element is a multi-platform messenger that allows its user to register using e-mail instead of a phone number. It also has rich features compared to Whatsapp, which includes end to end encryption with key authentication across devices, group chats with limited access, priority list, and more. Element is not new at all. It has been around since 2016 under different names, Riot, and Vector. Element also claims that it is free of eavesdropping, no data mining, and surveillance. While signal and telegram require you to sign up with a phone number, element lets you sign up with an e-mail.

If you wonder how it looks for the mobile interface, here is some illustration of Element in the mobile version. It features a simple user face that lets inexperienced users use the application smoothly.

The interface features a priority tab, which lets you put a chat in order of its importance, which WhatsApp doesn't have. Another key feature of this app is its ability to bridge multiple proprietary messages, including telegram. Unlike WhatsApp, this also features real-time note sharing Etherpad.

Meanwhile, this is the desktop version of Element


Both interfaces are user-friendly even for an inexperienced user. If you want to research more about the differences between signal and element, check this out : https://www.slant.co/versus/1989/31842/~signal_vs_element-formerly-riot

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Thanks for the heads up! WhatsApp Is gone already of off My phone.

Nice, I hope everyone follows your move as well :)

Nice!! I use signal, gonna have to test this out!!

YESS test it out. I had signal too but I didn't quite like the interface.