Viral diseases // Effect of metabolic alkalizers

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We have always heard that having a healthy and balanced life, goes through keeping our body healthy and mind healthy, in other words, a body in neutral or alkaline conditions, and mind with positive thoughts, so, in delivery, I will focus on synthesizing how hydrogen ion concentrations act in the body, detailing the negative effects that acid pH has on the immune system, and the effects that metabolic alkalizers have on viral diseases.


It is stated that a body with an acidic metabolism, added to negative thoughts that cause stress, intrinsically trigger acidic oscillations, which make the body vulnerable to attack by external pathogens. Now, let's focus on what happens to our body when faced with excessive acidity at the metabolic level, basically what happens is that when the body faces acidic conditions, functional instability is generated, and the blood ends up taking nutrients away from the rest of the organs, and that causes imbalances in the immune system, and the subsequent appearance of sensations of physical exhaustion, appearance of viral diseases, decalcification, hair loss, headaches and muscle aches, chronic fatigue, digestive problems, among others.

Consequently and taking into account the multiple health problems and the constant appearance of viral diseases, the objective of this post, is to make use of the HIVE platform to socialize the effect of metabolic alkalinizers on viral diseases.

Acid pH and its effect on health

To enjoy health, implies that the value of pH in blood is found in concentrations of hydrogen ions between 7.5 and 8, however, it is known that as a result of our bad eating habits, the value of pH in blood tends to acidify (pH in blood below 7.5) which alters the immune system, hence the reason, why nutritionists recommend reducing as much as possible the disproportionate intake of acidic foods, namely alcohol, sugar, soft drinks, pasteurized drinks, coffee, red meat, cereals, chocolate, fried foods, acid fruits, flours, and milk.

Fig. 2 Red meat acidifies the pH in the blood. Image of public domain, Author: Shutterbug, 2016

Therefore, our body must be kept in a natural or neutral state, that is, slightly alkaline (pH in blood above 7.5) so that the immune system can function optimally, and thus protect us from multiple diseases essentially those of viral action, which is why the right thing is to have a diet rich in alkaline foods, namely, avocado, garlic, seaweed, raw almonds, cabbage, spinach, ginger, lettuce, lemon, cucumber, and tea based on green extracts.

Fig. 3 Vegetables alkalize the pH in the blood. Image of public domain, Author: Rita, 2017

Sodium bicarbonate as a metabolic alkalizer

Ingesting sodium bicarbonate, triggers multiple benefits on our health, mainly because it helps alkalize the body in rapid intervals, therefore, its moderate intake counteracts viral diseases, specifically for its anti-influenza effect in advanced tables by virus attack, this because, the sodium bicarbonate creates alkaline conditions at the physiological level, and immediate responses of a protective nature tending to balance the reactions in the body, which is why it is recommended to drink water with sodium bicarbonate before and during the periods of incubation of the virus, since the pH balances by inducing immune responses, prevent it from being vulnerable to attacks by external pathogens.

Fig. 4 Sodium bicarbonate as a metabolic alkalizer. Autor: @lupafilotaxia.

In this same order of ideas, it should be noted that pathogens usually grow within a pH range generally acid, affecting the metabolic reactions in the human body, among the most reported attacks is the breakdown of nucleic acid structures, however, if when consuming sodium bicarbonate the pH level generates a metabolic alkalinity, which reverses the acidic conditions and pathogens tend to present resistance and fragment their incubation process, this of intuiting that this behavior is highly favorable, because there is a fall in the infectious picture, and an imminent immune response.

Fig. 5 Water with bicarbonate of soda. Autor: @lupafilotaxia.

Having said this, it should be noted that consuming sodium bicarbonate regularly has its advantages since it acts as a potential metabolic alkalizer, however, its availability and low cost may mean in the current moments of pandemic, an effective and economical method to avoid the increase of deaths by Coronavirus, as occurred during the Spanish pandemic, where in a balanced way infected people were instructed to drink water with sodium bicarbonate, it is important to note that in this regard and according to experimental and clinical scientific evidence, sodium bicarbonate can be taken as a daily supplement in a recommended dose of 2 grams diluted in 1 glass of water.


  • Most microorganisms, mainly viruses grow within an acidic pH range, and that the processes of multiplication of viral particles have negative metabolic repercussions, which compromise the immune system by altering mainly the enzymatic activity and the structure of the nucleic acids, and with it create ideal conditions for the weakening of the organism, however, consuming alkaline foods or in its defect alkalinizing metabolic ones as the sodium bicarbonate, induce homeostatic answers that tend to create self-regulation and with it to counteract the viral attacks.


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The cover image was designed by the author: @lupafilotaxia, incorporating the background image of Image of public domain.


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