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RE: Formation of Kidney Stones and Ways to prevent it.

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From a medical and educational point of view, the content you share with us is an excellent contribution.

Thank you for socializing this type of information, which serves as guidance and prevention. I comment to them, that the region where I live is producing of meat and milk, and innumerable cases of renal calculations exist, I estimate that by the excessive consumption of milky products, within the habitual practices by which it is chosen to counteract and to avoid the formation of calculations, it is to consume much water, with the variant by beliefs that people usually incorporate in fasting a pinch of bicarbonate of sodium in the glass of water to ingest, this will be advisable. ?, I have this doubt, because relatively in my case I usually consume bicarbonate at intervals of 3 months to create pH balances in the metabolism.

Best regards @idoctor.


Thank you for the comment @lupafilotaxia
Sodium bicarbonate is advisable in the cases who have a history of kidney stones. As it makes the urine less acidic. Which can be helpful to slow the process of uric acid stone formation or even dissolve the existing one.
i don't think its harmful, Apart from that you can obviously use it to maintain pH balance.

Perfect, thanks for responding. So, things are indeed being done correctly, again thank you for your kind response.