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RE: Clothing: A Powerful Aspect of Our Identity

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Great article. Clothing has also been used as a weapon of the state. The most notorious was Nazi Germany. They hired Hugo Boss to make uniforms for the army. These uniforms were rather stylish, had a great fit, and were decked out with all sorts of runes to make them even more impressive. This is likely the reason why Nazi chic (e.g., leather jackets) is popular to this day. The rationale behind it was that the Master Race should dress the part. You can't dominate people in a frumpy outfit. It is also likely they were imitating the Italian fascists, whose Roman roots include careful attention to one's own grooming.

Right now, I'm sporting a nicely-pressed white shirt plastered with pineapples all over. What does that tell you?


Hello @litguru,

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Yeah. Those leather jackets. Seem to suggest tough guy whether it's the chosen wear of a fascist or a member of a street gang. I really do think it has something to do with killing and displaying the skin of the conquered on your back. It's a subliminal thing. Maybe I'm overthinking that 😁

Nicely pressed and pineapples? I guess it means you're neat and you like fruit.😂

I'm actually allergic to pineapples but the shirt is very tropical. 🍍