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RE: How To Befriend GPT-3

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One of the things that make certain writers popular is their unique creative styles. AI will likely be able to compete in producing certain kinds of content, but it won't be able to replace that creative style that is uniquely human. I guess the best weapon we have against AI tyranny is to be unique.


One can argue that AI can develop its own quirky personality.

Yes, I agree. AIs will likely have unique personalities as well, but they won't necessarily replace humans. Take an artist like Leonardo da Vinci. There are many other great artists out there, but there is only one Leonardo, who is irreplaceable by virtue of being unique.

I think creativity will help writers sustain their job. AI can develop their own human-like personality but I suppose human experience and ideas are also something uniquely human. For instance, there's already robot influencers, there's still plenty of human influencer at this stage. Who knows what can happen in the future? but again, as you mentioned in the comment below, there's only one Leonardo Da Vinci and despite many great artists, he is still himself and irreplaceable.

It's going to be a fascinating future! Great article @macchiata.