Singers Are More Likely To Develop This Tumor

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Being a singer isn't always something good, especially that you have to use your voice again and again, since that's how singers make their money, right?

Yet, sometimes when they over use their voice for days, weeks, and months when they are working on albums maybe, their voice becomes hoarse and that's when they know they need to rest. Otherwise, they might grow Singer's nodule. Before talking more about Singer's nodule, let's have a quick look at the larynx, where this tumor grows, and talk about its structure and function.

Larynx Anatomy And Function

Larynx or also known as voice box, it's a tube that extends from the upper border of epiglottis to the lower border of cricoid cartilage. Based on it's name, we may know that it's the site of voice production and for males we may see it as it develops Adam's apple.

Other than its main function of voice production, it has some role in defending the lower respiratory tract as it acts as a sphincter that opens and closes. Also based on its anatomy (hollow tube) it acts as passage for air too.

Laryngeal Lesions

. Like any other organ, the larynx is susceptible to inflammation, and it's called laryngitis. Laryngitis may be caused due to viral or bacterial infection, irritation as in smoking, or overuse of the voice.

As our vocal cords are part of the larynx, any inflammation of the larynx will lead to hoarseness of the voice, and it gets more dangerous when there is edema because it will block the airway (As we said before, larynx acts as airway passage)

Now let's talk about what we are here for

. Tumors of the larynx, and we will start with singer's nodule. Singer's nodule is a small, benign laryngeal polyp. It appears due to chronic irritation of the vocal cords, so either inappropriate use or, excessive use as for singers who have to use their voice more than others maybe with different tons too.

As we mentioned, they are associated with hoarseness of the voice, and they are found on the true vocal cords.

. Another tumor that grows in the larynx and worth mentioning is the Laryngeal papilloma.

Laryngeal papilloma as another benign neoplasms of the larynx, it has two forms according to the age which are:

  1. Form found in adults: single, do not recur after removal, but may undergo malignant changes.

  2. Form found in children: multiple, caused by human papillomavirus, recur after removal but do not undergo malignant
    changes (Because they have viral origin).

In The End

It’s always good to use our organs smartly, neither excessively nor barely, so we may stay healthy, and that's why I went over the larynx because many people ignore it and think of the main muscles they see when they work out, maybe.

Stay safe, and thanks for reading. Until next time.


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The part where it may undergo malignant changes is scary :S
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For sure, I'll. I actually tried to find something suitable from websites where I get the images yet nothing seemed to fit. So I will just expand my sources. Thanks again!

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