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RE: A First Taste of Quantum Mechanics!

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Great post!

I don't agree much with your point 3. Before going to string theory, you should consider an intermediate step that we master well: quantum field theory. This unifies quantum mechanics, special relativity and field theory. From there, we can then move further. This could be string theories, or other stuff.

By the way, you may like a series I wrote on that topic 3 years ago (see here and all posts quoted at the end). This is inspired from this reference book which will be translated into English in 2021 (hopefully as this takes time and my time is limited).


I am sorry, though I had heard of Quantum Field Theory, my knowledge about it was limited, as a result it didn't strike me while I was writing this article.
Woah!! Thank you for the book and the I'll have something interesting to read, and keep me busy for a while!

Thanks once again.
And oh, I forgot..., are you translating the book!!!? 👀

 2 years ago (edited)

Yeah, we just started the translation (as I am in fact one of the authors of this book ;) ).

Wow! That's great, I definitely want to read it. Beware of my quantum doubts!! Hahaha.
Best of Luck!!

You will have to be (really patient). The translation project is at the stage of negociations with the editor ;)

Except if you read French ^^

Hmm...learning French will be interesting too....I'll give it a try!