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RE: Exploiting the results of the CERN LHC - about my own research

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To be fully honest, I don't really work 'at' CERN. However, my research work definitely concerns what is going on at CERN (and I still go there once in a while to meet colleagues). I was physically on site on a daily basis (i.e. having my office at CERN) only in 2012-2014.

With the recent events, has funding for CERN been constrained?

The budget situation for particle physics is always worrying, as fundamental science is not where the money is put in in the first place.

This being said, CERN has the chance to be funded by many countries (see for instance here for 2020, at a very little cost for the European citizens themselves (it is I think one cup of coffee per capita per year).

I however have no idea how the current situation will impact the next round of funding. Therefore I can't answer. If I fund anything, I will let you know.