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RE: Exploiting the results of the CERN LHC - about my own research

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Theoretical physics has always being far from the reality,

I won't agree with this statement. Theoretical physics is everywhere, as physics by itself is aiming at explaining how our world (and our universe) works :)

Although models designed can be easily used to explained what is expected to be seen.

Models must explain, but also predict and thus be testable. Otherwise, one just fits some signal (and this is not very exciting, IMO).

There are times that we see a wide gap between the model explained and what is being seen

Unfortunately, for now, everything looks quite in agreement with the Standard Model. But we still have a few decades of data taking... This may (and hopefully will) change :)


I agree with you that theoretical physics is everywhere, like mathematical models use to explain natural phenomenon. Use of Quantum field theory, Classical field theory and many other aspect has been used to construct models, but what I was trying to say is that Theoretical physics is different from the Experimental physics, which employ the use of experimental tools. I guess the way I put it is not right.

Theory and experiments are different. But they need to walk down the path together. One cannot exist without another. That's my vision: what is the point in designing theories that can't be tested. And what is the point of taking measurements we have nothing to compare with? :)

Certain tools are different between both branches, but many are common. Especially in particle physics,