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RE: Self-Driving cars/ Technologies behind this innovation

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What a very detailed review. Thanks a lot. I am personally still very puzzled with self-driving cars. Whereas I never tested one by myself, I would agree with the drawback you mentioned (feeling insecure about not controlling the vehicle). I am however not sure we should call this a drawback. At the end, it is jsut a matter of getting used to it, isn't it?

Finally, I am wondering about the number of accidents. Were there other accidents recorded, or only the two you mentioned?

Cheers, and thanks again for sharing this with us!


You're right, with time, people will consider it a normal aspect of it and thanks for sharing your thoughts

To your last question, well, other accidents had occurred before which I skipped mentioning in this post but the link below will bring to your notice other incidents that resulted due to companies testing their self-driving cars.,11%20months%2C%20regulators%20report%20%3A%20NPR&text=Press-,Automated%20tech%20factored%20in%20392%20car%20crashes%20in%2011%20months,July%202021%20to%20May%202022.

Thanks for the extra pieces of information.