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RE: Respiratory alkalosis in anxiety crisis

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Anxiety is a really important problem today, and we have techniques to help people suffering from it. That's a major change compared, for instance, with what was happening a few hundreds years ago.

I will tag @ebingo in this comment, as he is a true expert on the topic and you two may be interested in starting interacting. I recommend by the way to check out their blogs. They are very instructive and interesting (as is the present blog, obviously).



All psychological disorders some decades ago were totally stigmatized, and the treatments were inhumane, good thing that is now only part of history (at least the treatments), as for the stigmatization, there is still a lot of that.

Yes, friend ebingo has some very good and interesting content, I've been checking it out. There is very good content in the community, in general.
Thank you very much.

You are welcome. Thanks to you too for answering my comment :)

I've read some of his works before, they are very nice. I will add this post as a Hive story today.

and as far as experts go I'm still learning. Most of my posts are just me showing off the cool stuff I learnt

We are happy that you show off this within us ;)

Thank you!!

You are welcome!