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RE: Back from HiveFest - Combine and conquer (new phenomena at particle colliders)

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Mmmmh what a strange comment, quite off-topic related to this blog...

It is not just your community it our community.

Why did you write that I considered that STEMsocial was my community? It has never been my community. It is the community of everybody, of all its members. Despite I co-founded it six years ago, this does not grant me any right to say that this community belongs to me. Moreover, I have never done that; please show me how and when I would have done it.

I will try to do something for our community. If you give me a chance. I love so much our community.

Well sure! Just tell us what you want to do. We have never restrained anyone to help.


Yes it is our community so we should work for this community bulidup. 😍😍

Sure, but this does not tell me what you want to do for it. What do you have in mind?