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Reading this post cannot prevent me from thinking about caterpillars, which can be very rude with us if we are messing with them. Antihistamines is what I knew as a treatment to that.

Cheers, and thanks again for this nice instructive blog.


Caterpillars😩 I detest them. I'm particularly allergic to a lot of animals. I guess it's because I don't like animals generally. Just touching the fur of a dog can make me itch and sneeze till God knows when. It's crazy. I avoid them by all means. lol, though I have a dog in my custody, I only serve her food and make videos of her. I have never carried her especially not on my body. And yes! Antihistamine is the first treatment usually given. Thanks for stopping by admin😊 @lemouth

I definitely get what you meant, and you have all my sympathy. My wife is actually like you: Animal's fur really puts her in a bad situation.


Oh wow🤭😂 You can relate very well then. Thank you for stopping by❤️

Always a pleasure! :)