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RE: The science contained in a smart watch

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Thanks for this blog.

I am actually puzzled by one of the statements that you raised. Why did you write that the magnetic flux was a physical constant? I disagree with this statement, as the magnetic flux is not at all a constant, and its value depends on the problem. Do you mind clarifying? Thanks in advance!


Good morning, greetings, I do not want to say that it is a constant, what I mean for the studies carried out by Fritz Londo, it shows us a constant, where, as Fritz London already predicted in 1948, it is possible to observe the quantization of the magnetic flux in superconducting substances. And in the image I refer to Fritz londo, thanks for the observation and it is good at the time of writing.

Ah OK. I finally got what you meant. It is just a matter of using the word 'constant' that worried me. I still think we should not use it at all there, as 'physical constant' has a very well-defined meaning (and this is not the one in this blog).

Anyway, thanks for the clarification.


and make the correction