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RE: The Birth of England; Vikings be damned!

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Thanks for this. I didn't know most of it, except the one-line summary that we learn on our side of the Channel. The funniest is probably all those names, that sound very similar to me. I am wondering about the conclusion: how come England v2 has not changed until today (i.e. during 1,000 years)? That sounds so unlikely...


That is a great question! And one I know not even the slightest information to answer. So I will endeavour to do so. However I took an interest in the Magna Carta so I might do that next. Depends... There's just so much to investigate!

Don't worry. I will be glad to learn about it at anytime later (in short there is no urgency).

There's just so much to investigate!

I want to say this is good. Imagine the opposite (nothing new to learn). This would be so sad...