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RE: Back from HiveFest - Combine and conquer (new phenomena at particle colliders)

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Thanks for this comment on the blog. I have tried to make the text clear and simple. As your summary is pretty good, I must probably conclude to a partial success... Do you confirm that the blog is understandable, but tough to grasp in different places. In any case, sorry about this.

The fest in Amsterdam must be fascinating , I enjoyed watching the streaming.

HiveFest was simply... amazing! I recommend attending the next edition, if possible.


Yeah It is cleared but the subject you discussed it tough for a normal guy..😂😂

I would love to join next fest if I can.

Thanks for the reply.

Feel free to join it. It is really cool, and I recommend it 100%. It is also nice to be able to associate faces with nicknames (or user identifiers).