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RE: Back to Hive and STEMsocial… and on my way to HiveFest!

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Thanks for passing by and this nice message.

I was actually really a bit ashamed not to have checked out your latest report for the citizen science project before I left. However, time was so short... I left Europe right on the next day after having stopped working, which led to very few time to prepare my trip. Consequently, my online presence went to zero almost immediately. I hope you understand (apologies in any case!).

I saw a post about HiveFest a long time ago, and I'm surprised that it's about to happen next week! I wanted to go but I was very limited with time and funds haha. But, would you know if it'll be an online broadcast of it? Again, welcome back! 💥

In my case it was an easy decision to take, as I live very close to Amsterdam (a few hours by train). I had somehow no excuse to go ^^

In addition, I have no idea for what concerns HiveFest online broadcasting. This may have to be checked directly with the organisers.



No worries about it. :) If I remember I was able to write the remaining part close to your scheduled trip. Ahh, the beauty of European railway! (coming from someone who dreams to travel within Europe by train haha 🙋🏻‍♀️) Those few hours of travel time are perfect for reading and enjoying the view outside ;)

Traveling by train has a lot of advantages. I find it more relaxing than by plane (and it is of course more eco-friendly).