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RE: The Soul Nebula - IC1848

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Happy to enjoy your pictures again. I can imagine the weather is now ideal for you: not too warm not too cold. Is that correct?


Thank you very much for your comment @lemouth. I really appreciate that you like it 😊
The weather is great at the moment even if we had some clouds in the last days. As I have a cooled camera, warm nights aren't a big problem for me 🙂
Unfortunately for me, the Galaxy season is starting and my focal length is way too short for most of the Galaxies. But maybe I'm able to get some widefield images with tiny small Galaxies on it 😃
But before that, I want to give a new attempt on Comet ATLAS (C2019 Y4) later this week (when the clouds are gone).

A comet! Nice nice nice! I remember having seen one decades ago (I forgot its name unfortunately). It was very visible as the object was passing quite close to Earth.

I am looking forward to see the pictures!

I just made a quick and dirty one 😀
I hope to get the better in the next days/weeks.
@terrylovejoy has also made a great post about it.

That's cool 🙂 , Unfortunately, I wasn't able to see one with my own eyes until now.

Thanks! I will check it out!