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RE: Do we still need to build models beyond the Standard Model of particle physics ?

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Thanks for this feedback!

Is this a motivation to use more often questions in title? I must admit that I rarely do that, but if you now tell me that this is much more appealing, I will definitely reconsider.

I find I much more enjoy these introductory posts of yours, probably because I can understand them much better!

I agree that I should write those more often. Even if the topic has been covered several times in the past, such posts provide good reminders to new readers, are always more accessible than those in which I discuss my own research works. However, it is not always easy to bring something more, that was not there in previous posts, so that each post keeps its seeds of originality.

Anyway, this is well noted and I will try to go back regularly to the basics. The quest for the Higgs boson will be the next of such topics (as on July 4th, its discovery will be 10 years old).



I thought the subject was interesting, but now that you mention it, maybe it also has to do with the subject being framed as a question. I know for a fact that many you tube channels title almost all their videos in the form of a question, so they must know something! I watched one such video just today, and here's an example of recent video titles from their channel:

Why Does Russia Own This Old Piece of Germany?
Why Nobody Wants This Part of Europe
Why Russia is Fighting Japan Over These Islands
Why Russia is Invading Ukraine
Why the Ukraine No-Fly Zone Won't Ever Happen
Why Turkey is Transforming Istanbul Into an Island
Will China Invade Taiwan Next?
Will the Higgs boson ever be found?

I made up the last one, but it hopefully caught your attention, thus demonstrating the effectiveness of framing titles as questions!

Thanks for this enlightening comment. Indeed, starting a blog with a question is probably a useful thing to do. I like it and will adopt it!

Let's now discuss a bit some physics.

Will the Higgs boson ever be found?

The answer is that the Higgs boson has been found precisely 10 years ago, and this is the topic of my next (to next) blog, The real question is thus: 'Have we found the Higgs boson'. Note the determiner...

This may actually be a nice question for the title of my next blog. We will see :)

Cheers, and thanks again for passing by and the chat!

Ah, yes, I remember they found the 'God' particle!

Please no :D