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RE: Citizen Science on Hive: Report #1 - Installing Linux in a Virtual Machine + software installation

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Thanks a lot for these detailed instructions. They nicely complement my week-1 blog, and they consist of an important resource for the project. They will be super useful for those struggling with the installation of the virtual machine.

Concerning the tutorial, there is no worry. This will be the topic of the post of this week, with many details and explanations. However, it may be delayed as I have urgent unexpected matters to handle at the university.

[I tag @gentleshaid who told me he has issues with virtual machines. Hopefully your post will help him to successfully get started.]


My issue is kind of peculiar. I have already solved it somehow and currently making a blog about it. To be done soon.

I saw it in the meantime. At the end,it is good that I am late with the second episode as this gives participants more time to be all on the same page. I will try to summarise all contributions and all issues mentioned in the next post. We need to keep those "chain notebooks" up to date ;)

Thanks! I hope it is useful for someone (and maybe a reference for myself in the future). I will try to advance some homework for next week then ;)

@gentleshaid just let me know if I can help with something!

I am sure it will. At least if I take new bachelors next year ;)

Are you reachable on discord? Or here is fine?

I think I just sent you a message on Discord