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RE: Is Beauty the Flip-Side of Entropy?

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Ultimately, the second law of thermodynamics demands that the billiard balls be equally spaced throughout all the available area. Every atom will be at a distance from every other atom, so that nothing will interact with anything, and everything will be dead. If you think the picture that heads this article is beautiful, then you'll think entropy is beautiful (you nihilist you!)

In fact, physics tells you that what you said is a possibility, but not the only one. There are indeed possible other scenarios for the evolution of the universe, with different fates.

I know I killed the charm of the post with my physics comment. Apologies for this! But on the other hand you tried to kill Leonardos… ;) More seriously, I enjoyed the blog. Ordered or non-ordered, that’s the question after all!


No this is very interesting! These other possibilities that you mention, what are they? Do you mean that there are many different possible kinds of disorder? And that I described just one specific kind of disorder? Or do you mean that some possibilities are more ordered than others?

Thanks for reading and for correcting!

I think you can find quite a lot of information on this Wikipedia page. That should be a good start (Wikipedia is often very good to start anything). Then we can further discuss if you have specific questions. Note that this is a bit far from what I do, but I can try to answer any potential question.