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RE: A Brief Space of Time - Small Journey Through the Timeless!

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Interesting reading. Thanks a lot for sharing it with us. I have a few comments about it, if I may.

First, about the following sentence:

Its Anti-Electron, the Positron, has all its same characteristics, except it moves in the opposite direction.[4]

Whilst it is good to refer to this analogy, I would also insist that in reality, an antiparticle is of course moving forward in time as anything else. This is not clear from the text.

Time, even seizes to exist the smaller we go, until it completely vanishes when we start talking about the particles of light, the photons, the smallest thing that can ever be. Zero mass!

This is my main comment/question. I actually don’t understand this sentence. One can emit a photon in one place and absorb it elsewhere in the universe after a certain time. As a matter of fact, photons travelling at the speed of light obey to
c2 t2 - ||x||2 = 0
This is different from t = 0. Do you mind elaborating a bit? Thanks in advance.