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RE: Me and ores!

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This was an interesting and educative piece. I love how you began from life update to work update, plus you gave us some lectures 😃 it made lots of sense.

Those dogs will conquer your bed and leave you to lay on the floor very soon 😅 get ready for their hostile takeover.


Since I rarely write about personal stuff, I try to find a way to include myself in it to make me seem more.... Human 🤣 and it's a sort of way to personalize something since not everyone wants to dive into information straight away

That's true!
Sometimes people want to read more or know more about the writer than the writing. They want to see whether there's there's correlation between the writer and the writing, and they want to be sure if it's a human or a bot 😅😅 or a bot controlled by a dog 🤣🤣🤣

You did so well
At least I'm also getting to know the you part of your writing

Well if it's STEM writing then I mostly base off experience and how relevant it is in my life thus the short but very personal intros I haven't even gotten to food science yet but I have a few drafts ready for that since I've worked in food labs before too


You seem to be so deep into Chemistry and Laboratory work.

If I may ask, what will be the end product of your analysis with the ore? Will it be taken to the manufacturing field?

Because I'm a chemist

As for the end product, we usually just give data to the client. If they have a standard on the amount of metal present in the ore and the ore they sent us reaches that amount then it proceeds to metal extraction then mass production, otherwise they may or may not have wasted funds on useless rocks. But that's why they have all possible metals in the rocks checked, so they know that if the rocks can't be used for iron extraction, then maybe they can use it for nickel, copper, etc

Thank you for your response, this is quite clear and understable 👌