UFOs Are Real? Maybe They Are! But Maybe Not.

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The search for extraterrestrial life is one of the main goals of humanity. At least a good portion of it. And now, we may have some actual confirmation of it. Maybe.


Image by Thomas Budach from Pixabay

Most of the study done on UFOs is highly classified. But now parts of its is being turned over to the Office of Naval Intelligence which usually lower the level of secrecy thus some of the findings might go public.

The program with the official name Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force (UAPTF) should focus on UFOs but its main goal is to protect the interests of the USA and its army. So, instead of searching for extraterrestrial life, it is trying to clear up some of the strange sightings that happened over some bases or that were reported by pilots. Most of these were most likely different states and their secret technologies.

So, the main goal is to find out whether some other state reached a level of technological prowess that nobody else has and about which the USA has no information. Thus, the main focus is still on Earth. Even senator Marco Rubio who is part of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence said that the majority of the reports have very mundane and boring explanations.

Since 2007 a program called Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program existed in the USA. This program has mostly been transferred to the new unit but now, as has been confirmed by Luis Elizondo – the former military intelligence officer who after more than ten years it doesn’t have to be as “shady”.

Extraterrestrial Material

Elizondo is also one of the few people with a high-security clearance who says that objects with an unknown origin crashed on Earth and parts of them were studied. Sadly, he doesn’t have any physical proof of this.

Something similar was said by a former Nevada senator who was in favor of programs that study UFOs. He says that after reading different reports he concluded that both the U.S. government and private entities had access to materials that weren’t of Earthly origins. But again, there was no physical proof.

This can also be said about a newcomer to this field. Eric W. Davis who worked as a consultant for the Pentagon. And he worked specifically on these kinds of programs. He says, that he studied materials that we weren’t even capable of saying what they are so pretty obviously, they could have not been made by humans.


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