Lab-Grown Shrimp

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You probably heard about lab-grown meat and perhaps even about lab-grown bacon. But would you like a side of lab-grown shrimp with that?


Image by Shutterbug75 from Pixabay

Shiok Meats from Singapore has a good chance that it will be the first company that will sell lab-grown meat to customers just like you. At least according to an article published by the Los Angeles Times

The interesting thing is that Shiok Meats specializes in growing shrimp in laboratories. And the shrimping industry does have its own fair share of problems and the biggest one being the fact that slaves are still being used to hunt these delicious crustaceans in some countries around the world.

Not Just Shrimp

Chase Purdy – an expert into lab-grown meat – said that most likely it will be a Singapore restaurant that will be the first to serve lab-grown meat to customers.

Obviously, you’ve heard of many other start-up companies and their lab-grown meats. But the main problem remains – the cost is too high. Shiku managed to get the price from 2,268 USD to 1,588 USD per pound of meat and claims that until next year the price will be a hundred times lower.

IF they succeed – and that is not a certainty – the company also wants to produce lab-grown lobster and crab meat.


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well nowadays there lot of discoveries it not like we live in 80s