I can boost the flavor of your diet, but what if I reveal these facts with you?(Maggi)

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Hey my friends, I'm here today and I'll be sharing with you something fascinating. Well, everyone loves employing Maggi while cooking but I'll like to share some facts you wouldn't mind to miss about this particular ingredient!!

Maggi Cube is a global condiment that is sold in many countries around the world. In Nigeria, this product has successfully replaced seasonings in typical dishes such as locust beans. It tastes good, and Maggie's Cube will not be confiscated. This can also be your last meal.

The advancement of the Maggi Cube is mainly due to its most environment-friendly processing and packaging, as antagonistic to neighborhood alternatives. Each Maggi cube is a one-of-a-kind combination of salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, corn starch, onion powder, and a range of elements that can make you lick your lips for prolonged times.

The cubes are fortified with iron or other supplements and are superior to the exact taste. Maggie's iron, for example, protects you from iron deficiency anemia and provides enough hemoglobin to transport oxygen throughout the body.

However, this is not a permanent fact. Heavy use of Maggie Cubes exposes you to unpleasant side effects or even more dangerous fitness threats.
Maggi Cube makes food taste good, but the side effects aren't fun if you put in too much. The excessive intake of Maggi is high in trans fat, iodized salt, and sodium glutamate (MSG), which is unhealthy.
Common effects of this high intake include Headache, illness, weak thirst, skin rash, increased bowel movements.

Maggi Cubes Health Risks
If you insist on using Maggi Cube in high doses, the aforementioned side effects can translate into increased health risks. These health risks are important. That is why we intensify them in more detail as follows:

Stroke and heart attack
Consuming high doses of trans fats through Maggie's Cube puts you at risk of heart disease. This fat covers the arteries and restricts blood flow to the organs of the body. When fat blocks the arteries that supply sensitive organs, such as the brain and heart, it can cause a stroke or a heart attack. The fat in Maggie's Cube is in the form of hydrogenated fat and is often used as processed food or snack. However, they are also a source of trans fats.

Trans fats are unsaturated fatty acids in natural and artificial forms. You don't have to worry about natural trans fats. This region is a natural ingredient in the diet of meat and dairy products, which is relatively low in content and is safe for health. However, processed trans fats like Maggi cubes can be harmful to your health. In barrels, vegetable oils are chemically processed in solid form at room temperature.

Trans fats turn into oil during cooking, but when they get into the body, they say. Once in your body, fat builds up in your body the content of low-density lipoprotein (LDL), the 'bad cholesterol' you've probably heard of. Therefore, trans fats put you at a greater risk of heart disease and diabetes as described above. Therefore, you should make a more informed decision about using the Maggie Cube.

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Because of the high sodium content in Maggi Cube, you are more likely to develop high blood pressure in the long run. High levels of sodium in the blood cause water to build up around the heart, raising the pressure in the blood vessels. Like many spices, it is a combination of several ingredients, including maggie cube salt. Maggi salt is a mixture of sodium and chloride and is rich in iodine. Sodium is also found in MSG.
The two sources are combined into a single Maggi cube, with an average sodium content of 1000 mg per cube, well above the approximately 186 mg of sodium needed to maintain daily health.

Overdose of sodium is harmful to your health. The body can filter some sodium in the urine, but most are still maintained. It is a percentage that causes some of the many diseases associated with high sodium intake. For example, several studies have shown a close relationship between sodium intake and high blood pressure.
Studies have shown that people with high sodium intakes have a higher blood pressure than people with low sodium intakes.
This correlation is particularly evident in the history of people with high blood pressure, diabetes, and chronic kidney disease. Under these circumstances, the World Health Organization recommends keeping your sodium intake at around 2,000 mg per day. Remember this the next time you are in the kitchen.


Neurotoxic effects
If you take too much Maggi Cube, another possible result is that it interferes with nerve regulation. Maggi Cube contains sodium glutamate, which can mimic the effects of monosodium glutamate on receptors in the brain. As a neurotransmitter in the brain, glutamate stimulates nerve cells that are non-spontaneous and involved in metabolic activity. Glutamic acid is found naturally in plants and foods.

In commercial products, starch is fermented to produce MSG, which is Maggi Cube's main spice. High levels of MSG in the blood increase the glutamate content of the brain and induce related effects such as homoglutamic acid activity and sensitivity of the skull and periosteum for headache, pain, and tactile and movement. Nausea due to heart rate.
The dose of Maggi Cubes meals contains 0.5 g of msg per. However, these effects generally exceed 3 g per diet only when consuming a large amount of MSG. After that, it is only likely that sensitive users demonstrate these negative effects of the MSG. These are people in the MSG symptoms complex. The MSG dietary level is not shown that causes damage to the brain.

In conclusion, it is good to keep it safe when using the Maggi cubes. If you respond to MSG, you must use the appropriate replacement for the MAGGI. If you do not respond, continue with the appropriate level of use. In this way, you do not have to worry about the side effects of MSG. However, if you can, we clarify the condiments of MSG contending that support condiments spices.

Thanks my dear readers and supporters for your solid assistance

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Interesting. So for a pot of food, like how many cubes is considered too much?

It depends on the quality of the food you're cooking. But from what is obtainable, you can easily prepare the quality of Maggi you need by simple observation and taste. Lol, so I can't say that any quantity is bad.. Just know that too much of everything is bad 🤲

I guess the 2-3 cubes I use is enough then.

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But why Maggi cube only? Maggi is just a brand as far as my knowledge can recall. What you wrote is applicable to other seasonings as well, except those that are 100% organic.

Smile, yes I intentionally used the Maggi as a general season which is very popular here in Nigeria. Like we all know, to much of everything is bad ....
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Thank you so much

Shocking facts. Thank you for sharing. Home made veg broth tastes so much better. I really think Maggi and Knorr are very strange products.

Smile. We have so many natural ingredients to help the taste of our diets but because some of us today prefer going refined, that's why our local ingredients aint gaining much momentum 😃