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RE: Hunting for leptoquarks at CERN's Large Hadron Collider

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I have some knowledge of Physics from college courses but my degree is not in Physics. I found your article to be understandable and interesting. When searching for something new, it helps to know where to look and how to know that you have actually found it. We build on the work of past explorers who collected data informed by mathematical models as we comb the search space for signs of what we seek to find.

I wish you further success in your hunt for leptoquarks!


Thanks a lot for your feedback. When writing such posts, I am always puzzled about how much readers will get from them. Every single week it is the same! I usually like doing this kind of things with an attending public, i.e. in a situation where it is easy to get live feedback and adapt the speech accordingly. Writing on Hive is thus a different story, that I enjoy too.

Let's now go back to the topic. What is really exciting with new phenomena in high-energy physics is precisely that we do not know where to look at. It is really a matter of exploring all options (for that reason, my research is actually quite diverse, allowing me to learn many new things every day). Somehow, the status of the field is not very different from space exploration. Our gut feelings tell us something must be there, but we have no idea where. Therefore it is important to be pragmatic and consider all options we may think about.

PS: Thanks for sharing my post on Twitter. I knew this was possible from @gentleshaid. I however belong to the rare class of human beings without any Twitter account :)

Twitter is really a nice place to get off-chain exposure. I will make it a point of duty to help share your future post on my Twitter feeds henceforth.

Yeah I know. But it is really a matter of my time being so limited... that I don't want to add another layer on the agenda ;)

I understand perfectly. What you share here is a gem of works that deserves more eyes.

I am always looking forward to get more engagement (already on-chain). It for now looks quite random (sometimes it works, sometimes it does not).