Water and its Requirement for Humans!

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Hello friends, water is the most important requirement of our body. Without water there is no life not only for human only but survival of all living things depend upon water and energy.


Now the question comes in our mind what is the average requirement of water for human body. Scientifically it varies from person to person. Before answering this it is important to know about the functions of water in our body. 60-70% of our body mass is due to water.Water is mainly store in our body in 3 parts.
space between cells
Majority of the water is stored in the cell. Now check out some of the major functions of water in our body. It regulates body temperature, transport vitamins, lubricate joints, protect body organs, prevents it removes toxins from body,it helps to digest food. Beside this it also help to carry out electrolysis process in our body. Our organs needs like brain, liver, kidney etc need water to function properly.


Kidney is the part of human body which removes toxin. It required plenty of water for kidney to work properly. Deficiency of water may cause kidney issues.
Body nerves, muscles, balancing body pH function as a result of electrolytes in body. Electrolytes process run in the body by salt like sodium, potassium and calcium etc with water. Deficiency of water may increase the salt like sodium in your body which will increase your blood pressure.
One of the important function of water is to regulate body temperature. Sweating is the process which lower body temperature as a result of evaporation.
Beside this water is to also responsible to transport water soluble vitamin in our blood and distributed in the various part of the body where required. Excretion process reduced water level in our body which may cause vitamin deficiency. keeping hydrated helps to reduce body weight. These are they few important reason why our body needs water.
Beside all the importance of water the good thing about water is that it has no calories. Means it will not increase your weight. So, it is important to drink adequate water. Now a big question is how much water is adequate for good health.


According to national academics of sciences engineering medicines average adult women need about 91 ounces of water while average adult men need 125 ounces of water. Drinking water or fluid is not the only source of water. The food we eat also contains water. Remember intake requirement of water varies from person to person. I hope you will like my today's effort. Wish you a very happy, healthy and blessed life ahead. Have a nice time