Could Cannabinoids help to fight Covid?

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In key cities around the world, a new wave of the COVID virus appears to be on its way. As it confronts its largest COVID-19 epidemic in two years, China has issued stay-at-home orders to millions of its residents in the country's northeast. This is likely to exacerbate the worldwide supply issue, and it has prompted me to write a blog post regarding a paper I came across not long ago.


Is it possible to say that cannabis protects against COVID? A recent study discovered that two chemicals present in hemp; cannabigerolic acid and cannabidiolic acid, could attach to the coronavirus and perhaps stop it from infecting people at a critical stage.


The researchers discovered after testing alpha and beta forms of the coronavirus that both chemicals appeared to inhibit the virus's capacity to infect human cells in laboratory studies. Perhaps instead of listening to CDC, we should have spent all of our time using CBD?! Anyway, I'm only joking! The news of the release flooded social media, however, the scientists did not actually declare that cannabis might cure the infection.

CBD Oil; Source

Finding potential drug and treatment candidates can be costly and time-consuming. Researchers speed up the process by evaluating a large number of known substances to determine if they induce a biological or chemical reaction similar to that of a medicine treating the illness for which they are looking for a cure. Positive responses, such as those to the cannabis molecule, are merely the first of many filters that the compounds must pass, and even if everything goes smoothly, an approved treatment could still be a decade away.

The head of Imperial College London's medical cannabis research group, says the findings are intriguing, but adds that they need to be confirmed in animal models and tested on humans in clinical trials because the data currently available does not prove cannabis compounds can prevent or cure COVID infections in humans. The study finds no evidence that smoking or ingesting cannabis products has the same effect.

To conclude, vaccines and booster jabs appear to be the best therapy alternatives at the moment. As additional means to combat the virus are published and tested, we'll keep our fingers crossed. Always remember to keep safe and wear a mask if required. Adios amigos!

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