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RE: Why do we dream?: A defense mechanism, what-if simulation or to ease painful memories

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You always seek fresh material and exploration, but why don't you come to a conclusion?
In that respect, you are more like a detective than a scientist. After all, does that mean that the answer to the problem is for other people to solve it, not you?

It was intentional not to put conclusion on articles that the theme are often open-ended. Topic like dreams, time travel, and the like are still up for research and do not have conclusions. I always leave the questions unanswered for the readers to think and ponder. Also, the readers can have a conversation.

Before the advent of modern science, the ancients believed that dreams revealed divine revelation! So, I believe that dreams are divine revelations to humans!

I won't discount the ancients understanding on dreams. I may agree with it. I had dreams before that comes out to be peculiarly a representation of an actual event. One time, I had a dream that I was taking my final exam in one of the major courses in undergrad. I remember vividly the dream that the next day, the exam was completely the same to that of my dream. It may be just an oddly chance. Science may not have answer to why and how we dream. We can always rely on how our ancestor look into it (despite it doesn't resonate with science). !PIZZA



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