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RE: The Existence Of God And What Science Says

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Classical physics on the other hand suggests that an omniscience God can exist, since we humans can predict future outcomes using equations, but then there's no free will and it's because the equations have solutions with a fixed pattern which must have been placed that way by someone, say God.

Science, religion and its intersection is an interesting subject to discourse. I can remember one statement from Einstein that there is one definition of God that lies within the boundary of science.

I think faith and facts should not be fitted to one another. Religion and its faith is a self reflection that a God exist, while science and its fact are answering what causes events to happen. But sometimes science can't explain everything so as religion.

Although they may not agree what, why or how of life and God, I think that Science and Religion can agree that there is some reason what life exist, why we have all this and what are the answer to decade old questions (as you have mentioned). I guess Science and Religion are part of some grand design.

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