The Relevance of Ghana Health Insurance Scheme

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Many have spoken bitterly about our Health Insurance Scheme since its inception. But I swallow some of these words and take it as a political talks. Let's be frank it has really supported my people in Ghana, especially to many of our local people who find it very difficult to access Health facilities. Many people live in abject poverty, they find it very difficult to even find what they would eat. So the Government of Ghana with his policy and and initiative in the year 2003 established this good way of access our without much cost. The mindset of this policy of National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) was to get rid of the so called "Cash and Carry System" when a patient with emergency case could die due to lack of physical money to access his health care.


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Despite many setbacks which we could say that they have hindered the smooth running of Ghana's Health Insurance Scheme, I see it as being helpful to most of us. Some of the noticeable challenges are inadequate funds for the export of the required drugs for treatment. Incompetency among the staff who manage the NHIS plan. Lack of structural base plan for the improvement of the policy. Aside all the above drawbacks, we've really enjoyed good time of the NHIS. In this policy, the Government has subsidized large among of drugs, bills and other cost which the patients are likely to bear. In this case when the patients go to hospital they pay less and there is nothing like put the money down before we begin the process of accessing your Health Care. For the first time of registration, the person has to pay some small amount as fees for the processing of the card and documents validity. From, the person can now access health facilities using the NHIS Card. His or her information are already being captured in the computer so as soon as he or she present the card all the information which bear his or her name appears for the processing. Few charges are incurred when the the patient is admitted to hospital.

There are some exception that many people do complain, something certain operations or surgeries and health conditions which aren't covered with the NHIS policies. Yes, certain diseases or complications are very severe to be catered by only the Government, even though the Government takes part.

Who are to be enrolled on the NHIS?

Everyone is entitled to be enrolled: infants, babies, children, teens and adult. Irrespective of the background, religion, or your position in certain work. You need to first register with the NHIS office and own the NHIS Card which is the guarantee that you're a member.

Are all people captured in the NHIS Policy

Even though the NHIS was purposely established to cover all people in the Country but not all people are enrolled on it. Some people still think that it's very expensive. As time goes by, the policy makers tried to massaged some of the benefits that people were supposed to enjoy. So it's becoming like the old system where people pay their money to access their health care. There is nothing like free launch game. The most thing that hurt most is that after being diagnosed and Doctor have prescribed medicine, only few medicine are given so that it can't solve your problem of which you brought to the hospital.

These are the prevailing situation that pull people's back from registering with NHIS Scheme. I see it to be flexible for all people to patronize and feel at home without any stress. It should be restructured well so that it would be more attractive for everyone. Thanks for your attention!


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This is really a wonderful scheme I must confess. It tend to open the eyes of many people to see the importance of health and even helping their health to be in good shape

It's really good for many of us who find it difficult to access their health care. Thanks so much for passing your comment.