Declining Health With Aging || Is there any possible solution to mitigate it?

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No matter the miracle or magic you would perform, you can't remain younger as you were in your tender age. When we were young our immune system were very stronger than today as we have aged. As we keep aging our immune our immune system keep depleting with time. We're sometimes astonished why this is so. But, we must understand that, due to hard work and the continuous growth of our body cells, by all means the cells too become old. Even new cells keeps replacing the old cells in order to function well.


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My own life is a testimony to this. When I was young, I remember I was able to run 100m race with 10s but today, I'll take more than 30s to finish the same race. At first it may take more than a year that I had not visited hospital but today I am able to attend hospital more that 3 times within a year. All these are testimony of the declining health with respect to aging. I remember my Grandma was prone to many sickness during her time. I become fed up when I'm called to take her to hospital. Sometimes I would be blaming her that she was denying my freedom. I've now remembered that it wasn't her making but it was the rather declining health due to aging. I am the type of person that I once thought that I wouldn't be weak now, even at all if my health status would decline it would be around age 60+, but this couldn't happen as I feel in my body now. Things aren't all that good with me when I check my health records daily.

My Health status at my teens and twenties isn't same as today. Today I often experience waist pains and nerves pains stretching from my thigh down to my ankles. This continues has been continued for couples of months now. Even though I attend hospital frequently,but these problems have been ongoing. Arthritis with peripheral nerves disorders are difficult situation to treat. One needs very health experts to diagnose and appropriate medication is giving to help treat the condition. It does become serious if patients with arthritis and neuritis aren't getting the required treatment. The recent problem with the arthritis that most people are suffering from lately is the waist pains. Most males and females with age 40 going are developing this waist pains and twisting make balance or walking become very difficult. It was very sad to see a woman around age 50 having waist trouble. She could not neither walk well or sit, unless she sleep to relief severe pains.

My biggest challenge is that to get medication and good treatment to eradicate this waist trouble is sometimes very difficult. For instance you go to hospital, description all your problem of the waist pains, yet you may not find good treatment the Doctor may prescribe medicine for you base on the symptoms of the sickness you narrated to the Doctor, yet it might not be the right medicine to the problem. This means the sickness has to undergo series of proper diagnosis before the Doctor might get the right cause of the problem. One problem that discourages us from seeking proper diagnosis is the high cost of diagnosis. Most patients aren't able to afford the general treatment of the waist pains.

Well, I know immune system booster is very good source of anti-aging source. But how long would we take to take immune booster? Some of the immune boosters or anti-aging boosters are very expensive to afford by average Ghanaian. Only few people who are affluent are able to buy immune system booster.

The most prevalent cost of our declined health is our poor diets intake. Most of the food that we eat contain a lot of toxins due to over usage of chemicals. We need to always eat a lot of fruits and green vegetables to supplement but most of these vegetables are the one that we have infested them with toxins. So many of us fear of eating vegetables like cabbage,carrots, cauliflower and lettuce. Some of these vegetables are infested with chemicals. Because many farmers have mindset of getting the produce on market early, as soon as they spray the chemical on the vegetables, they harvest before the efficiency of the chemical oxidize from the vegetables. This mostly causes poison in the vegetables. We end up adding problem to our problem again.



When we were young our immune system were very stronger than today as we have aged.

Perhaps people suffering from autoimmune will see some relief as they age! :D

That's really true! Thanks for passing by:)

Hi, friend.

As the saying goes, the years do not pass in vain, it always brings its consequences and our performance will never do the same, and as you say now many chemicals are consumed in most of the food we eat and that will help us deteriorate our health every one more time...
Greetings and thanks for sharing your article.

It's really true. As many chemicals from food enter our body it begins to deteriorate. And this is our problem we have. Thanks so much for your comment.

Three years ago I suffered from back pain. My daughter advised me ... ballet exercises ... Of course, the very basics. In fact, they are based on the fact that you reach up all the time during the class. It's amazing, but I got rid of the pain! Of course, this should be done only after consulting a doctor and making sure that there are no contraindications.

Thanks so much for the good advise. Sure!, I'll comply with my Doctor's advice.

Wow, this community is amazing. I need to read more post in this community.

Declining health due to aging is happening to everyone. Thanks for the reminder, jude.

Great post, Upvoted :)

Keep up the good work

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