Necessary understanding concerning the web and the benefits we can revel in from the Internet.

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It is very vital to apprehend and to exhibit congeniality between the phrases world wide website or "websites" and "Internet" and show how they are connected.

The internet is a common network of networks that unites tens of millions of computers. Once a computer is connected to the net it can be eligible to talk and alternate statistics with different computer systems in the network.
Hence the Internet can surely be referred to as a community connection.

Online education concept with the person using a laptop

On the different hand, a website is a cache for data. These statistics can be about a person's organizational recreation or anything. Such data can be stored on a website.

However for one to search a website, one has to obtain a web connection. Without such a network as the internet, users can't be ready to tour a website or procure facts from it.

A contrast with telephones and SIM cards can assist elucidate this. A cell telephone on its personal can't be employed to make a call beside a SIM card. Why the telephone is an accessory for making calls. The SIM card contributes the network connection to other phones to make such calls.

In the same way, computers can save data on websites. For one in a distinctive area to see records stored on that website, then one needs a web connection.

Therefore the network connection that facilitates computers to exhibit websites is what we understood as the internet.

Characteristics of a website

Now we have understood that websites keep statistics about a unique topic, it is also fine to assert that web sites are nicely organized.
Information saved on the internet site is maintained in exceptional order.

Hence for an individual to be able to search websites effectively, it is crucial to research and interpret some factors of a website. It is also lifelike to understand that websites make use of most of the web Technologies.

Internet technology implies the language of the internet. It is an assortment of phrases adopted to talk about the personality and structure of the internet. If you are to make use of the internet then you have to be prepared to interpret its language.

Some of these characteristics are clarified below.

Website address

The website address indicated as the URL stipulates the site of the internet site on the internet.

Just as each house address tells a guest the place to stumble on the house, a website address informs a person or visitor where to find out the website on the internet.

Since there are precisely thousands and thousands of websites on the internet, it is no longer apparent to visit or search a website without realizing its internet site address.

A website address typically looks like this; let us intently have a look at it. Every website address starts-off evolved with www. simply as you have learned, www is an abbreviation for a worldwide website.

It is an assortment of all the websites created on the internet. Therefore whenever you notice a website address that usually launches with www, you should remember that the website is one of the millions of websites accessible on the internet.

The second part is the person, company, or activity for which the website was established. In specialized terms, we imply to it as a domain name. In our example, this website was launch to deliver bulk SMS to the populace. That is why the address is

There is no legislation about what inscription to decide on for a website address. However, the title chosen for a website address is typically required to be linked to the activities for which it was set up.

That is why for criterion, a computer called KANDCITY Ltd, my pick out for their internet site address.

The third phase is what we have known as the extension. The extension suggests the justification for why the internet site was set up. In our example, the address ends with .com (pronounced as dot com). The dot-com is a shortened capability of commercial.

It informs the prospect that the internet site was found for commercial purposes. The internet site was formulated by its agency to alternate its provider to the public. That is the most prominent extension since most websites are set up for expanding various businesses.

Web page

Another attribute of the internet site is internet pages. An internet page is employed to reserve statistics about exceptional content. An assortment of net pages makes up a website.

With this knowledge, it is apparent that statistics stored on a website are arranged page by page. Let me rationalize it very exclusively.

To help us understand better, I will use Finder enterprises as an instance.

The understanding of this enterprise would be prepared page by page. One page would comprise information about how the organization started, that web page may additionally be referred to as "About us".

Another page will accumulate data about all the merchandise of the organization. That page might also be labeled as " Products".

The firm's address, email, and telephone numbers can also be labeled on every other web page known as "Contacts".

The website will additionally have a home page which is the most important page that opens when a user visits their website.

The home page of finder website

From the home page, a person can visit different pages. All this web page which make up the website are acknowledged as the net pages.

Whenever a character visits the internet site of Finder, the first web page that opens is the homepage. From the homepage, the visitors can search some other web page like the "contacts" page, "product" page, etc.

closely observing the screenshot above will reveal to you information like ; "contact" and "About us".

By intending from one web page to another, the visitor can be ready to collect beneficial information. However, some would possibly elevate a question like how can a guest browse from one web page to another?
To reply to this query let us talk about some other attribute of websites referred to as hyperlinks.

It is unthinkable to browse or reap facts from a website without hyperlinks. If you have browsed an internet site before you need to have clicked on hyperlinks.

A hyperlink is a message or image that opens a webpage when you click on it. In explaining further, the homepage of a website can be compared to a real home. A home consists of many rooms.
To enter any of the rooms you ought to, first of all, go to a home. Once you are there, you can enter the bedroom, sitting room, or any different rooms in the home.

Similarly, the home page includes texts or phrases or photos which the consumer clicks to open different pages on the website. The textual content and photographs that open when a webpage is known as hyperlinks.

Normally each word used as a hyperlink is given an identity that suggests what the contents of the web page would be.
In our instance of Finder, one of the hyperlinks is "About us". The identity suggests that the page it will show will comprise statistics about this company.

Another hyperlink is labeled "Contact us". From the name, this hyperlink will open a page that includes the telephone numbers, address, and email of Finder and so .

Therefore, each of the hyperlinks is linked or connected to a precise internet page. Whenever a visitor clicks a hyperlink a precise page opens.

How do we recognize a hyperlink?

It is simple. The mouse pointer of a computer is typically an arrow when you pass it over an everyday picture or text. But when you pass it over a hyperlink, it turns into a human hand. This indicates that if you click on it, it opens an internet page. The most smartphone that can browse additionally assist this feature. That is how to apprehend a hyperlink.

Hyperlinks and net pages are quintessential in the association of a website.
With hyperlinks, users can pass from one page to another. Usually, hyperlinks are positioned on each page of an internet site so that visitors can leap from one web page to any other as they wish. That is exactly what we mean when we discuss shopping for a website. It is nothing however journeying an internet site and shifting from one web page to every other to achieve beneficial information.

By being acquainted with these aspects of websites, you will be in a position to correctly use the web and websites to achieve facts on any subject. such facts can make a distinction between you and different college students or people who do not have such knowledge.


The most vital use of the net involves conversation and information. Furthermore, facts can be updated or improved at any time and for any range of times, which boosts in studying and better understanding. Altogether, the necessary advantages of the internet to us today, consist of the following:

College endeavors and effective communication.

The internet can be extensively beneficial for finalizing programs in the academy. As the internet is surf of information, protecting almost all subjects regarded to man, one can find the records required for one's endeavors.

Going via the statistics on the web is quicker than going over a complete script on the subject. An assignment is also made less complicated with the comfort of the web which is moreover one of the essential uses of computer systems and education.

Students using a computer in school

Communication is some other big benefit of the web in education.
Students can reach other students or different teachers via electronic mail if they question any information. Social networks like Facebook also deliver a forum for learners to discuss their intellectuals. They can also share knowledge with colleagues using the internet.

Encyclopedia and news

An encyclopedia is a publication or a set of books that supply facts about a lot of one-of-a-kind subjects or a precise topic. Because of the significance of this book, it is now not typically owned by individuals.

Hence, the book can also not continually be accessible to college students and they might also no longer get all the facts they want from books in the faculty library. In that case, the encyclopedia of a range of subjects available on the internet can be valuable.

This is more useful for learners who belong to communities not having English as their mother tongue. Even scholars in lower education can also be benefited from the internet with the aid of using snapshots and movies of their lessons.
This is one of the essential advantages when evaluating textbooks versus computer teaching.

Another primary benefit of the net in training is news. All the state-of-the-art news is continuously updated on the net and information sites. For example, people can have access to all the cutting-edge affairs through the net at home, or any other place.

Historical accounts like speeches, documentaries, biographies, inventions, discoveries, etc., Are also effortlessly accessible on the internet in detailed and correct versions. One can take full benefit of this to amplify their knowledge.

Online mastering and multimedia tools.

Additional high-quality effect of the internet in training is the advent of distance schooling or on-line learning. With this facility, you can take up brief period courses with the course material accessible online, learn, and take exams. One of the advantages of online studying is that people from any phase of the planet can achieve an understanding of exclusive subjects.

Smiling black girl with headset studying online, using a laptop.

Another huge plus to the web in training is multimedia tools. it is believed that teaching with visible materials has a larger have an effect on gaining knowledge of and memorizing than undeniable text. Therefore, images, graphics, amination, pictures, slideshows, documentaries, etc., Have a higher attraction than a plain textbook.

Using multimedia and the web offers a chance for us to obtain an understanding of a specific issue in depth. For example, we can now see the genuine picture of rare bird species, see actual photos of the seabed, observe the motion of the solar system, or see aminated photos of a volcanic eruption. Such visual aids make the most influence on the mind of learners.

The easy and handy training system

Not only gaining knowledge but, every part of the education system is simplified via the internet.

You can now view your potential locations of gaining knowledge like the universities on the internet. The most universities and different institutions of greater learning, students can look up for courses, register for courses, do printouts, study, see their results, meet other college students from around the world, even search for jobs on the internet. Therefore, the scope of the internet in training is very extensive and equal to all.

Online schooling offers an opportunity for people of all age organizations to take up education of their choice, no remember what their occasions are. Be it a student, a housewife, or a professional, they can simply start their computers, connect to the internet, and take visual classes.

Therefore, humans can now get expertise following their needs and the time available. You are, in no way too old or too busy to analyze something new. You are no longer too far from acquiring knowledge.

Affordable knowledge

Endowing in research material may be dreary and unaffordable for some. But now, thanks to the internet, we have a content material website, net encyclopedias, and dictionaries on every occasion we prefer them.

Today, privileged as nicely as much less privileged individual benefits from the sea of information on the internet.
With these points, we find that the significance of the internet in our lives cannot be refuted, and thus, everyone has to be given get entry to the net for deeper knowledge and know-how of a subject.

Adult surfing the Internet

Lastly, although the net cannot exchange books or classroom education, it is one of the pleasant substitutes for those who desire to attain deeper know-how on literally every challenge underneath the sun.


(The two screenshots without a license are owned by the author @jsalvage)


It is very vital to apprehend and to exhibit congeniality between the phrases world wide website or "websites" and "Internet" and show how they are connected.

Dear @jsalvage, Your argument is interesting! I understood the Internet as roads, and websites as houses built on the road called Internet.

Surely your English is easier for me to understand than Americans, Australians and Europeans.😃

Hello friend, glad to see you around this time.
Delighted to hear that you can understand my English. Yes, it is horrible when seems not to comprehend those whose their mother tongue is English language.
Tell me, is English an official language in Korea Republic?

Dear my friend @jsalvage , Your English is easy for me to understand because it is made up of words that even elementary and middle school students in America can understand.

Is Nigeria's official language English?
Koreans are poor at English because they learn English in middle school.
My current English conversation skills are at the level of elementary school students in the United States.

The official language of Korea Republic is Hangul.

yes, we use English as an official language here but naturally, we are use to our pidgin English.

My current English conversation skills are at the level of elementary school students in the United States.

you have lived in the US before?

No, I have never been to America. I am currently studying English books for middle school students in America.😄

Do you have any of these books in the pdf format? I will like to read them if accessible!

Do you have any of these books in the pdf format?

No, I don't have books in the pdf format. It is normal english book for korean people like me.😄

Alright, do you mind telling me the names of those English books you are using. I may be able to find them online 😉

The official language of Korea Republic is Hangul.

I noticed that. City hunter which still remains my best Korean drama was substituted in the Korean language but I had managed to understood what the drama was all about with the help of the English version.

Dear @jsalvage , Do you like korean drama City hunter? I didn't enjoy the drama.
It's amazing how Nigerians enjoy Korean dramas.
Can you understand Korean culture and language?
I enjoy American dramas and movies.

Well, I am a fan of Lee Min Ho, But I don't enjoy all the Korean actings except those of Min Ho.

I adore City Hunter so much that I can watch it all the time without getting bored. 😂. But clearly, I'm disappointed with Lee Min Ho in the sense of not wedding kim na na 😄. Though the gentleman might have his explanations for that. But I'm sad.

Tell me, what type of American drama do you love most. These days, I hardly glance at TV due to my exams 😅

Well, I am a fan of Lee Min Ho, But I don't enjoy all the Korean actings except those of Min Ho.

I adore City Hunter so much that I can watch it all the time without getting bored. 😂. But clearly, I'm disappointed with Lee Min Ho in the sense of not wedding kim na na 😄. Though the gentleman might have his explanations for that. But I'm sad.

My young friend @jsalvage , Korean men in their 40s like me don't enjoy dramas like City Hunter. Young Koreans in your twenties like you enjoy that kind of drama.😄

Korean men in their 30s or older who speak a little English like me mainly enjoy American dramas and movies.

American dramas that I enjoy are supernatural, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, NCIS,Sherlock homes.

Oh, I don't know this until now. Anyways, korean dramas are cool but honestly saying, I have not learned anything reasonable from watching those dramas.

I just watch to discover how South Korea looks like 😄

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