Let's review this together! Stress and happiness as a mechanism that can lead to Sudden death

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Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/girl-worried-woman-wait-sit-think-1215261/

The people of the historical Greeks have given an account of the sudden demise of a man as he joyfully embraced his jubilant son, winner of the Olympic Games.

Jazz entertainer, a widow who goes by the name Louis Armstrong suffered a deadly heart assault in the course of a memorial live performance in which she played the last chord of a "Satchmo" favourite, "St Louis Blues".

Though, George Engel, who once operated as a leader in psychosomatic medicine, has made it clear for us to recognise that stress or burden can be a factor that might also set off unexpected dying like these.

From the gathered evidence, Engel saw patterns emerge. Of all the situations linked with unexpected death, none of them was once capable to conform to what he knew as "the killing potential of grief".
At a loss of a loved friend, mother and father or child, human beings in prime fitness have dropped dead.

A story informed of a woman, that sighted her husband's truck crash, runs to a cop officer, slumped and died. Later it became clear that her husband had not been harmed in the emergency.

Nevertheless, at times, good news can be so stressful. Ok, let's overview this case of a prisoner death while returning to his household after a 15-year sentence. A twin state of affairs displays how a 63-year-old opera singer collapsed acknowledging an ovation.

A questioner might ask, What should be the rationalisation for all these unexpected death? Reading from Engel's reviews, he genuinely referred to that an incredibly emotional incident triggers the basic fight or flight stress response as well as what he calls a "withdrawal-conservation" response.

The first mobilize our inside forces for speedy action, encouraging us to run from a burning building without pausing to think. The second turns the body's energy down when inaction is the wisest method of all (as when small, defenceless animals "play dead" to save themselves from predators).

The abrupt, almost accompanying firing of these contradictory mechanisms, Engel theories may also put the coronary heart into a pressured state so severe that it produces a dangerously unbalanced rhythm.

But unexpected deaths may additionally not be as surprising as it frequently seems. According to scientific reports, it has been verified that the deadly assault regularly is the remaining link in a chain of traumatic events.
We have considered a case where fifty four guys died suddenly, and from information obtained, it was proven that 41 had been depressed for weeks or months. Probably due to an estrangement involving a family member.
Another common attribute of the victims is that they experienced a giant range of life changes in months earlier than their deaths.

In conclusion, from a personal perception, surprising loss of life might also be the outcomes not only of one powerful traumatic condition but also of the incremental influences of many small prior stressors.


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The number of things that can kill us....Too much of this, too much of that. I wonder how many people have actually died from doing nothing (boredom). From your article it seems that may be a factor also ("41 had been depressed for weeks or months"). There are so many ways to die, probably the best thing to do is what we all do every day...forget about it and pretend death doesn't exist :))

This article was a fun read--that is probably an odd reaction, given the fact that your post is about death.

Thank you for voicing out. The essence of this content was to show how stress or prior problem may lead to a sudden death of a person

Interesting read. I agree stress deteriorates the human body, but I am not quit sure of sudden death. Maybe it is all about complications brought by stress. !discovery 15

Yes, the complications of stress can evoke deaths according experts observations

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I agree that stress can cause sudden death in humans.

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