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Sometimes whenever you find yourself in a place or situation that can make you feel uncomfortable, you feel fear or anxiety. Such a place can make you feel scared or embarrassed and panicky. Then you can decide to avoid such situations or places to stay safe. If you are the type of person who experiences this feeling, remember that you are already immersed in another phobia called agoraphobia.

When you start avoiding places that obviously won't hurt or kill someone, know that you are being manipulated by agoraphobia. This phobia can make you anxious about an attack in an unusual or expected situation. If you suffer from this anxiety disorder, you will leave your life isolated because you may feel anxious in public centers, public buses, or closed spaces, or large open spaces.

You will avoid those places or adopt some strategies that will help you control or manage your anxiety. If it gets worse, the anxiety caused by agoraphobia is not easy to control. Therefore, the patient must maintain close contact with any of his family or friends before he can move where he has been hit by airplanes before. It's weird, isn't it? Being with your loved one again can help ease your anxiety but in no time.

Studies have shown that the fact that multiple panic attacks are similar is the cause of agoraphobia because the victim will realize that they will experience another panic attack. This situation can cause people to avoid places where they could be attacked again.

Who will suffer from this phobia

According to research, people under the age of 35 are more likely to suffer from anxiety disorders, especially women. What conditions increase the risk of agoraphobia, such as experiencing the death of family members being abused or assaulted.

People with agoraphobia consider themselves irrational in fear, but cannot control their fear. This situation will affect their work or academic capacity, and even their way of interacting with society.

What is the cause of this diseases

Scientists have not yet fully understood the factors that affect agoraphobia. So researchers haven't listed the reasons for this phobia. Are those who are relatively anxious or nervous prone to agoraphobia?
Other determinants that can exacerbate the development of agoraphobia may include the following:

  • Trauma
  • A family with anxiety or depression in their lineage.
  • Previously encountered physical or sexual abuse.
  • Frustrated with too much stress.
  • Drug or alcohol abuse


Some of the well-known symptoms associated with agoraphobia are always the fear of being left alone at home, in crowded waiting rooms, and in closed places such as movie theaters, elevators, or small shops. People with agoraphobia cannot stay in these places because they fear that if they start to panic or show other symptoms of disability or embarrassment, they will not be able to escape or seek help.

Diagnostic test

The diagonalization of agraphobia is based on signs and symptoms. The expert or doctor needs to know your symptoms, when you started experiencing them, and how often you experience them. The doctor will need an account related to the health of you and your family for him to carry out his work.

Likewise, before being diagnosed, you must meet the diagnostic criteria of the American Psychiatric Association (DSM). When a mental health condition needs to be diagnosed, healthcare usually uses DSM.

The standards included in DSM include:

  • Use public transportation, such as trains or buses.
  • In a shop or an open space parking lot.
  • Stay in a clothing space, such as an elevator or car.
  • In a song or a queue.
  • Stay home alone.


When you complain early to your doctor, agoraphobia is usually easy to treat. From a research point of view, there are generally two treatment methods for this situation, namely drug therapy or psychotherapy.

Let's start with the drugs

Experts in this field will provide various types of drugs, such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). SSRIs are another antidepressant that can relieve agoraphobia.

Also, doctors can prescribe anti-anxiety medications, such as benzodiazepines. This medication can help relieve anxiety symptoms, but be aware that this sedative medication can become a habit. It has some side effects and can lead to panic attacks. Therefore, it is recommended that patients take a higher dose initially and reduce the dose when treatment shows signs of instigation.

How about psychotherapy

In this case, it is necessary to consult an expert therapist to help reduce anxiety symptoms so that the victim feels more secure and can perform better.

In conclusion, there is no better way to stop agoraphobia. However, when you are in a state of anxiety, it tends to reduce your fear of avoiding places. Therefore, when you feel anxious or have a panic attack about going somewhere, be prepared to see a doctor. The means of making the suit were immediately praised.



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Thanks for this post. I love the fact that you don't just state the problems of having this phobia u also gave a solution of how to treat it. Thanks alot

I don't know the cause of agoraphobia, but I can speculate that it may be due to a traumatic experience in the past. This is a good read. !discovery 25

That's one of the weirdest topics I have been across in a while.

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