Do you develop suspicion when you notice your hands shaking

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Credit:Courtesy of The International Essential Tremor Foundation

Do you know that everyone's hands shake to a certain extend? So you shouldn't develop many concerns when you learn a small shake at any external part of your body.

Occasionally, this situation may prevail as a result of an imbalance between tiny muscle fibers in your hands and arms because these muscles are always in a state of contractions which is however never in a regular pattern.

Although reading from Gathline Etienne, M.D., a neurologist at Piedmont, he now brought to our knowledge that the attention of a doctor who is an expert in neurological or underlying metabolic issue should quickly be drawn if the shaking persists in as much as it continues to interrupt the daily activities of a person like eating, drinking, writing, buttoning a shirt, dialing a phone, etc.

Whatsoever that may be the cause of this situation, scientifically, it is generalized as tremor. The hand tremor is the most common occurrence and at times, it may be a sign of old age. Parts like the mouth, arms, head, voice, are likely to associate with tremors.

What is really the cause of shaky hands according to expert's observations.

One of the most influential generators of shakiness is known as Essential Tremor. Essential Tremor is widely tagged as the cause of shaky hands. Although scientists are yet to comprehend extensively how essential tremors work, however, it is believed that when the normal functioning of the cerebellum found in the central nervous system is disrupted, then tremors would occur. The most recognized aspect of essential tremor is that it occurs when your hands are in motion, that is they evoke when you're performing activities with the hand unlike other forms of tremor that happens when the body is resting.

According to research, essential tremors may strikes, beginning from the hands, and can prevail until other parts of the body like arms, head, and vocal cords are affected.

In a situation whereby tremors can be linked to a family lineage, then Mutation ( that is the alterations of the gene ) is a determining factor to be considered as the cause of essential tremor because obviously, it is easily spread to other members of the family.

Again, essential tremor seems to get worst as one advance in age hence, people who are 40 years and above retains a higher chance of getting essential tremor. although occasionally, it may start at any age.

Other factors which can evoke essential tremor could be excessively taking of caffeine. caffeine is somewhat a stimulant, thus, it can trigger your muscles to move disorderly. Not taking much sleep can also affect essential tremors as well. This possibly evokes the neurological reflexes that cause shakiness.
Stress and fatigue can worsen the essential tremor.

Parkinson’s disease is another form of the well-recognized cause of tremor. They will trigger tremors when you ain't making use of your hands. This shows that Parkinson’s disease affects the hands when they're resting. People who acquire Parkinson’s disease at the early stage may experience little shakiness in hand, foot, or perhaps on a finger but note that everyone that has this disease must not experience shaky.

More detailed analysis shows that tremor caused by this Parkinson’s disease affects one side of the body at most times when you ain't on any duty but tends to cease immediately you start working.

So one can infer that little flex of your fingers can help reduce the tremor.

Mind you that if Parkinson's disease continues to prevail on the body, then tremor may quickly spread to other parts of the body which aren't affected before.

The disease like Multiple Sclerosis, which attacks the brain, nerves, spinal cord, and immune system can also evoke shaky hand.

What Medical Treatment Can You Apply for Your Shaky Hands

Like I said earlier, everyone's hands shake and it is not a sign of sickness development when you notice your hands shaking. But when the situation becomes alarming that you can no longer execute any action without the vigorous dancing oddly your hands, that's when you should be a good doctor's candidate by adhering to his medical prescriptions.

Experts may provide you with medications like propranolol (Inderal) and primidone (Mysoline). Although these medications do not work perfectly for everyone but a beta-blocker like propranolol can help since it can treat arrhythmia, fast heart rate, and hypertension which are in some cases, the major cause of tremor. Primidone, on the other hand, helps to cure antiseizure.

The doctor may suggest surgery if the tremor persists. Surgery like the DBS or Deep brain stimulation which involves an electronic device can help in relieving the tremor.


Insertion of an electrode during deep brain stimulation for Parkinson's disease.

In this case, the electrodes from this electronic device are placed in your brain to receive electronic signals interrupting the activities of the brain. The upper chest acts as the gateways as the signals are move to the device via this area of the body. People who are sufferers of more serious limb tremors as relatively operated on with this type of treatment.

Other treatment options may include Thalamotomy, avoiding alcohol, caffeine, or any other stimulant aids to your tremor.

Sometimes, tremors may occur as a result of chemical reactions in your body. Due to the smartness of your body, the body is sensitive to some medications. At times, lack of vitamin B12 can evoke tremor because inefficiency of this vitamin may lead to nerves failure, thus resulting in hands shake.



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It is interesting to know that there are more underlying conditions that causes tremors. Good write up, @jsalvage!
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Dear @jsalvage , Your medicine knowledges are interesting! Thank you! 😄

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