Can reading too much cause mental illness? - prove this assumption wrong!!

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It is no longer new to our knowledge how some Nigerian students do assume or believe that too much reading can alter the functionality of the brain. Recently, I have read a piece of news from a university in Nigeria where the publisher wrote about how a student from their institution ran mad while studying for his semester exams.

Giving it a thought for sometimes, I wasn't even convinced of the reason why the young student should go crazy just for studying.

Although recently, it was obvious to learn how the closure of high institutions during the covid19 lockdown in Nigeria terminated exams which should already be conducted, now students are faced with exams, possibly writing more than four types of examination in a day. This pressure of writing examination which is unusual now changed the reading capacity of many students. Thus, forcing them to read for a long period.

The above statement was some of the justification of the students today.

But even at that, scientifically too much reading or studying can never modify the brain to reason or function in an unusual way.

Yes, I could remember vividly a professor from my community who occurs to be mad. People speculated that excessive reading was the cause of his madness. The way this young man does solve sophisticated advanced physics and mathematics problems would make you believe that the cause of his madness was a result of too much studying.

But to be frank, that is just an assumption of a merely ignorant people because if we should diagnose the cause of his madness, we would arrive at a different answer.

In this article, I will like us to treat this issue extensively with facts and justifications.

Let's start with the brain

The brain is the storage aspect of the body.
It is made up of many cells coupled with numerous billions of nerves that co-ordinate with trillions of synapses in the neuron.

From observation, the brain consists of two lobes which are the parietal and occipital lobe, that enable readers to digest and comprehend whatever they are reading on.

The ability to learn both visually and verbally is all carried out by the brain. Visual information is being processed in the part of the brain called the occipital lobe.
The other section of the brain, acknowledged as the parietal lobe aids any person to read comprehensively.

Scientists accounted that reading makes the parietal lobe perform actions more actively and with the assistance of a temporal lobe, they can now store the accumulated information effectively.

These lobes don't ever get tired of processing or storing information that is being introduced into the brain every day, thus enhancing the state of our understanding.

Reading extensively over some hours helps to circumvent certain diseases like Alzheimer's because it keeps the brain busy. A study has revealed that engaging with reading helps to sharpen one's brain as well.

I even got to know from research that solving complicated mathematics topics and logical reasoning helps in our cognitive performance. And the earlier you learn how to read, the faster you understand better.

According to the research accomplished in the Rus university medical center, it was documented that engagement with activities that can boost the mental stimulation would improve the plaques, tau-protein tangible, and lesions associated with a dementia patient without difficulty.

It is a delightful truth to note that reading can boost your prospect of living. Surprised? Yes, a reading may support you to live longer than those who are not good at reading.
Let's take a look at the publication of the NCBI, on the topic, "The survival Advantage of Reading Books". From their review, we can discover that people who are reading more than 3/2 hours every week have a vast opportunity to exist longer than those who did not.

From the above-mentioned justifications, it would be ridiculous to assume that too much reading can drive one crazy.
No decent learner would ever believe that reading too much can steer up madness.

What could be the factor that leads to the mental disorder as a student?
A question like this may arise, but it is right to acknowledge that some circumstances can evoke mental illness among students.

From research, I have come to realize that pressure to succeed is the primary factor that can lead to a mental disorder.

Since it is not difficult for us to understand that in our time today, many students are striving to survive in their various educational virtues and this happens to force them to overwork themselves.

The desire to be the best in all aspects of their academy despite the difficult learning environment found in some of the African continents is sufficient to support mental health crises among the students.
Depression and anxiety are other factors to consider. Students seem to be more concerned about their future and this has denied them a carefree living.

Furthermore, addiction to drugs can increase the risk of developing a mental disorder.

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Students who are fond of taking drugs to improve their memorizing aptitude are exposed to mental attacks.

All these can be a determining factor that can evoke mental illness among the students.


In conclusion, too much reading can not and will never drive you crazy except when you're abusing the brain with any of the above-mentioned aspects which scientists have put in to reference.




It is a delightful truth to note that reading can boost your prospect of living. Surprised? Yes, a reading may support you to live longer than those who are not good at reading.

This is the first thought when I read the blog title. Reading increases creativity and human ingenuity. I don't believe it may detrimental to our metal health. I think what make people drives crazy is stress and anxiety that may lead to depression. Good read, @jsalvage!

Thanks so much for sharing your idea.

Very well articulated, nice thought. I liked it.

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