How much sleep do you need?

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Hello HIVE community, I would like to talk about something that although we don't always consider it as such is of great importance in our lives, for some reason we dedicate almost a third of our time in this world to this activity, and that is that not doing it or doing it in an insufficient way brings some serious consequences in our welfare state, let's talk about dreaming.

I ask a question: How many hours do you need to sleep to feel good when you wake up? this answer depends on each one, there are many who will say that they need 8 hours, others will say that no less than 10... and there are those who with 6 hours is enough, there is a great variability in the sleep requirements of each one of us, that is intimately linked to different factors, like for example the work that is done, that is to say, the energy that is spent on it, a person who has a work of great intensity will require more hours of rest.


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Another factor that increases sleep requirements is the work schedule itself, not the same for a person who works night hours as those who work day hours. I've had that particular life experience of working on call at night in the medical profession, even though I could sleep during the day, the rest was never the same.


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It has to do with a natural process of the body, that releases a series of hormones and neurohormones that are those that prepare the body for the night rest, when being these absent in the day they cause that (in general) the rest is not as comforting as when it is done by day.


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There is also a question of age, that is to say, human beings as we advance in age require less hours of sleep to have an optimal rest, you may have noticed it with your grandparents.

They often go to bed very early, but they also get up early. Of course, I should point out that it is also often common to see them fall asleep anywhere during the day.

Sleep is not only about getting a break, it's also about when children grow up, which is why infants tend to sleep much more than adults.

In children the increased amount of sleep is a kind of tool of the body in which, to simplify the process, they eat, sleep, eat, sleep, and this has its reason to be, all the energy they would use to be active -awake- is used for their development and growth, that's why children grow so fast, and the reason they need more hours of sleep.


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What is important is to take your time to rest, regardless of the hours you need to do so, of course, I know that there are people who "need " 12 hours to be rested, although for me that is an exaggeration, however, everyone knows what their body needs, at least in theory.

Sleeping well is an act of procuring HEALTH, since it helps us to stay well, it helps the body to recover, grow, and replenish energy, among other positive things for our organism.

In my case, sleeping 6 hours is more than enough to get up very well, but in your case, How many hours do you need to feel good?

Thank you very much for reading me.


Why Do We Need Sleep?

The Global Problem of Insufficient Sleep and Its Serious Public Health Implications

WHO technical meeting on sleep and health - WHO/Europe


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Hello @josevas217.

I appreciate a rather interesting reading, I relaxed while reading.

In particular I know what it feels like not to sleep well, when I don't sleep well it changes my mood, I think that the hours of sleep in my case vary a lot, there are times that I only sleep 4 or 5 hours at night and I feel good, but there are times that I have slept up to 8 hours and I feel tired, for those cases I have analyzed that I think the quality of sleep depends a lot, because suddenly those 5 hours I have slept continuously and it is usually a refreshing sleep.

Greetings friend and thank you for offering us this important knowledge of health as it is sleeping.

Hello @carlos84
Certainly, the quality of sleep is something to consider when you want a real rest, that has also happened to me. That I sleep a few hours and wake up pretty well, instead I sleep more than I'm used to and wake up tired, I feel like I don't get enough rest.
It's an issue, but it's something very important for everyone.
Thank you for commenting.

Una hora duerme el gallo, dos el caballo, tres el santo, cuatro el que no lo es tanto, cinco el capuchino, seis el peregrino, siete el caminante, ocho el estudiante, nueve el caballero, diez el pordiosero, once el muchacho y doce el borracho. ;-)

Hola @mauromar
Este si que es un comentario muy ocurrente je je je

Interesting read. Each time I wake up in the middle of the night for just a few hours, I usually need a longer hours to compensate for it during the day, otherwise, I feel sleep-deprived. I'm in my 30s and wondering why I need so much sleep (10hrs on the average) to function normally.

Hello @gentleshaid
Thank you for commenting and leaving a question mark.
In general the amount of hours someone needs to sleep in order to feel optimal varies depending on the person.
It could also have to do with habit, I'm fine with 5-6 hours of sleep. But I know it's not the norm for everyone.

You could check your hemoglobin, some states like anemia can make people sleepier than usual.

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