The word, the most powerful weapon

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Any word or expression has an experiential or philosophical charge that goes unnoticed by those who use it since they are only the echo of them. It is sometimes impossible to trace the genesis of these since many are lost in the intricate paths of history and become a labyrinth impossible to cross.

The word is the means by which the human being communicates and which differentiates him from other beings on the planet, therefore it can be said that it is his invention, a product of chemical processes in his brain.

Some professionals such as psychologists study the personality of people through what they say, for that they create a kind of oracle that penetrates the hidden part of what is expressed, giving it different meanings and discovering that part that the sender himself is sometimes unaware of.

The word has become the main motive of many sciences that paying attention to what Jesus said that what comes out of your mouth is what your heart feels, they look for the dark side of those who have learned to use it to hide behind it actions that end up harming or damaging their fellow men, some even say that writers are part of that band of soulless who manage to make the word their weapon, since we create fictions that sometimes become realities.

The truth of the matter is that the word is a bullet not so blind or wandering and in today's world so technologically advanced in terms of communications it has more power than any atomic bomb and this condition is exploited by some and others to transform it into the catalyst for actions very well thought out to use third parties as emissaries of purposes that most of the time they are unaware of.

In this way, racism, segregation, social exclusion, offense and many other perversions are heard or read daily without the speaker or writer being aware that they contribute to create social and human stigmas.

It is common to associate black with something bad and the situation turns black when it is not good instead of turning white, which is an allusion that the black race is detestable, the tasty is rich instead of being poor, something that indicates that being poor is bad, man is the synonym of humanity which transforms science and religion into sexist, in fact the first human being was a man. Why couldn't he be a woman if after all the reproduction of the species is due to them?

Those who manage advertising taking advantage of this black spot in which many humans end up being mentally blind, have invented slogans such as "Advertising sells" taught even in the houses of study, but this is false, advertising makes it known, makes customers go to your business, but although they may be deceived with a bad product these will not return, then it could be said that the slogan is a subway way to accept that the bottom line of it is deception.

Recently in Venezuela it has become popular to say "We were happy and did not know it" referring to the period of time prior to the current government and those who use it have not realized that whoever invented it as a form of satire, is simply calling the person who repeats it an idiot or a fool, because to be something and not know it is an unstable psychological condition or to accept that one goes through life wandering and without any notion of what surrounds them.

The word therefore condemns us daily, it makes us slaves of what we say, it is capable of transcending in time and making us wise or brutish, bad or good, for that reason we must be careful when we use it because as I said before, its power is greater than any weapon invented or not by man.


The word is powerful because it instigates action and frames impression. But the word is nothing next to action.

We have a saying in the U. S. : Talk is cheap. Action is not cheap.

Remember Hamlet. Frozen in thought, in endless words.

Language is more a vessel of thought than an instigator. We reveal our prejudice, it is true through words, but the prejudice came first. That's why words elicit such powerful reactions. Because the 'wrong' words defy our prejudice.

A demagogue, master of words, learns how to feed upon the prejudice of the audience. The demagogue does not create that prejudice but fuels it and molds it to a purpose.

The first person had to be a man, because a man wrote the first Bible. Jesus had to be 'white', because a white man wrote the Bible. The words used reinforce a prejudice, a preconception.

Anyway, that's what I think. A provocative essay. Thank you!